This is TeaNN: Exploring The Dark Art Of Conservative Media Bias

Feb 07 2012 Published by under Featured News

Jason Easley and Sarah Jones discuss the dirty little secret that fuels the American corporate media’s profits, conservative media bias.

In the past week we have seen the consequences of the media’s sellout to the far right. First came CNN contributor Eric Erickson’s attack on the President of the United States with the claim that Obama had perverted the word of God by using the Bible to justify a tax increase on the wealthiest Americans, and this was followed by CNN contributor Dana Loesch’s attack on pro-choice women who she called “ageist bigots.”

CNN didn’t just feel the urge to sow its radical right wing oats when it hired Erickson and Loesch. The network hired the right wing contributors in a calculated move to pander to the right, but the few extra dollars the network might squeeze out of these hires is offset by the news organization’s loss of credibility.

As Jason and Sarah discussed, CNN didn’t just sell themselves out. They have betrayed the American people while chasing the the success of Fox News. Sarah Jones noted that the corporate media is always behind the times. By the time CNN realizes the mistake that they have made, it will be too late.

CNN has made it all too clear that liberal, progressive, and independent points of view are not welcome on their network. They have never said this, but they don’t have to. Their tolerance and continued employment of Loesch and Erickson says everything for them. CNN never announced that they were moving to the right. They subtly made the transition by hiring people who hold a specific point of view.

The corporate media knows that they can’t announce their conservative bias to the American people, so they have perfected a sort of dark art of shifting their coverage through their hiring and editorial decisions. CNN has decided that liberal protests and progressive issues aren’t stories, but the tea party deserves treatment as a separate political entity who is worthy of cosponsoring Republican debates with.

This is TeaNN. A former news organization that has become a fine example of conservative media bias.

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