The 5 Biggest Lies About Obama In Mitt Romney's Nevada Victory Speech

Feb 04 2012 Published by under Featured News

Mitt Romney won Nevada, but his victory speech was full falsehoods about President Obama. Here are his five biggest lies about the president.

Here’s the video of Romney’s victory speech from MSNBC:

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1). Obama told people the stimulus would hold unemployment below 8%

This Republican falsehood is simply not true. Obama never promised an 8% unemployment rate. In a June 8, 2009, press briefing then Vice President Biden’s chief economist Jared Bernstein had projected an 8% unemployment rate before the fourth quarter GDP numbers came in, but President Obama never promised an 8% unemployment rate if the stimulus was passed. Obama’s advisers didn’t have all the data and their projection was wrong, but Obama never said pass the stimulus, and 8% unemployment is a lock.

2). ObamaCare Costs Jobs

This is another red meat favorite Republican lie. The truth is that ObamaCare helped to create 315,000 healthcare jobs in 2011. As my colleague Ray Medeiros is fond of pointing out, “if ObamaCare is going to kill jobs, shouldn’t the first industry it kills be the industry it DIRECTLY regulates? Of course it should, but it doesn’t.” ObamaCare doesn’t kill jobs. It creates them, which is why Republicans like Mitt Romney want to kill it.

3). Obama Began His Presidency By Apologizing For America

The Washington Post’s FactChecker which wrote that, “The claim that Obama repeatedly has apologized for the United States is not borne out by the facts, especially if his full quotes are viewed in context…In other cases, Obama’s quotes have been selectively trimmed for political purposes. Or they were not much different than sentiments expressed by Bush or his secretary of state. Republicans may certainly disagree with Obama’s handling of foreign policy or particular policies he has pursued, but they should not invent a storyline that does not appear to exist. Note to GOP speechwriters and campaign ad makers: The apology tour never happened.”

4). ObamaCare Turns Healthcare Decisions Over To Government Bureaucrats

What’s this, another fib about ObamaCare? You betcha. When Republicans refer to government bureaucrats taking over healthcare, they are talking about the Independent Payment Advisory Board. As PolitiFact wrote, “But saying that the IPAB will determine the course of treatment for individual cases is an entirely different matter — and it’s factually incorrect. Even people who oppose the IPAB agree that it will not intervene in the cases of individual patients but will rather determine how much the government pays health care providers for various services. It can also reduce payments to hospitals with very high rates of readmission or recommend innovations that cut wasteful spending. But we should point out here that the IPAB applies to Medicare. Medicare is a government-run health insurance program for those over age 65.”

ObamaCare mandates that people by private insurance. There is NO government takeover of healthcare, period.

5). Obama Is Shrinking Our Military

Yes, Mitt Romney claimed that Obama is shrinking the military. In fact, the military will be shrinking, but not because Obama is endangering national security. The end of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is where much of Obama’s military spending cuts are coming from. The truth is that the 2012 Obama budget doesn’t cut any procurement programs, and calls for military spending to increase by $36 billion by 2017.

What we saw tonight was Mitt Romney’s initial roll out of his General Election strategy. If he wins the nomination, Mittens plans to bundle up every lie and falsehood about this president into a big ball and throw it onto millions of television screens in an endless repetition of negative ads. With the economy improving, Romney has little to fall back on, but his own delusions about a president that doesn’t exist.

Romney is hoping that America will vote against Barack Obama instead of voting for him, because this same strategy worked so well for John Kerry in 2004. Mitt Romney has nothing to run on, so he is going to run on negativity. John McCain tried this same thing in 2008, and if Romney continues to mimic the presidential campaigns of failed nominees past, he will get Barack Obama reelected in 2012.

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