GOP 2012 in Nevada: Pimps and Toilet Paper and Drunks, Oh My!

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GOP 2012: Rockin' it out at Stoney's

It’s a conundrum for a Republican to campaign in Nevada, amidst the gilded rubble and ruin resulting from policies their party is pushing: No personal income taxes! Rich rule! Give Big Daddy all the land and he’ll hire you at his plantation for pennies! It will be fantabulous!

Only, of course, it’s not fantabulous; it’s far from fantabulous. Foreclosures (61% of Vegas mortgages are upside down) and high unemployment (more than 12%) are the dark side of what has been sold as the all-American dream. All that glitters is not gold after all.

So here’s how the Republicans are managing to ignore the ramifications of their own policies and indeed, the future implications were they allowed to let the housing bubble they created bottom out in an act of ruthless cruelty to the people ignorant enough to keep voting for them. It’s all a show in Vegas!

Poll leader and presumed Vegas winner Romney gave a speech with the backdrop of toilet paper boxes in an effort to avoid all that would implicate him visually with the failure of his philosophies. Naturally he avoided discussing those failures. Speaking from the land of corporate vultures run wild, Romney was silent about the real plight of the people. Of course, he has a quarter of the voters sewn up with the Mormon vote, so he doesn’t really have to talk issues.

Romney blamed Obama for not doing enough to create jobs. Even after the surprisingly good jobs numbers came out, Romney clung to his negative approach saying, “The policies of this administration have not been helpful. They, in fact, have been harmful. They have slowed down the recovery, made it more difficult. The president deserves the blame that he’ll receive in this campaign.”

It’s as if reality and facts are meaningless and do not penetrate.

It would be humorous if only it weren’t so offensive and frankly concerning as it indicates a complete lack of seriousness regarding addressing the real factors of the economic disaster we find ourselves in and the workable solutions for getting out of it. It seems Mitt Romney does not care about what is working. He’s going to pretend it’s not working, so he can sell his candidacy. How are we to take this seriously? These are not ideological differences; Romney is picking his own facts and just making stuff up.

The self-pro-claimed party of fiscal responsibility candidates have been handing out the first bag for free and pretending they’re never going to come calling for payment once you’re hooked. Your freedom is a call for no taxes, but they never tell you that those cuts help them more than you, and that in a land where you are paid peanuts, they’ll get you to pay for their deficit in other ways.

But somehow they manage to sell folks on another round of reckless gambling in a rigged casino under the guise of freedom.

Now, if you don’t know folks like this, please listen up lest you continue to wonder who votes Republican. Romney can go Fox here and get away with it, as the Republican voters blame Obama and “socialism” for their economy. Yes, that’s right, people, it’s the socialism that killed the economy for the middle class and poor – it certainly wasn’t the very rich who got richer off of your ignorance.

We all know that it was the socialism that called for gambling to replace taxes and even though Obama wasn’t in office during the unregulated real estate speculation and mortgage scams that lined the pockets of banks and Wall Street, nor was he in office in 2007 when the recession started and by the way that real estate decline began in Vegas around 2007 (anyone with a brain saw that one coming in 2005) and yes, Obama was not in office then either, but it’s all Obama’s fault.

Sadly, the market will not recover there until the banks stop the foreclosure bleed out, but Republicans are killing Obama’s plan to help this very issue. But, but – it’s Obama’s fault.

Anybody but Obama, they moan! But, hey, can they please have some government assistance that is not socialism? And yes, still they vote Republican.

Vegas is Newt’s big daddy’s town (Newt is bankrolled by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson). He seemed to make himself at home, speaking to a drinking morning crowd at Stoney’s Rockin’ Country bar, a hang out of Republicans. Stoney’s is — “a bar that shares a plaza with a day-care center and a church.”

Could anything sum up Republican family values more than a bar where the patrons drink in the morning while listening to Newt Gingrich talk about how he is a Washington outsider and true conservative, sharing space with a day care center and a church? Perfection.

Newt told the audience that some of them looked like they had been there all night. Hard to tell, but as has been pointed out, the entertainment the previous evening involved bikini bull riding. Go USA! Go Family Values!

Santorum was decidedly out of his element and quickly moved on to places he understands. Wise choice, I’m sure. Though he did make an odd statement today, while speaking to Colorado Republicans, claiming he wants to “endanger” fellow “conservative” Newt Gingrich. If Santorum keeps this up, he might pick up some Democrats, but that would be a mistake because his full quote involved claiming environmental restrictions should be Randed and the wild west allowed to run free (aka: corporations allowed to rape the land, etc).

If ever you have wondered if Republicans have a sound bite problem, Santorum said: “We’ll make sure that you don’t do something to scar the land or endanger a newt. No, not that Newt. I want to endanger that Newt. That’s a different story.”

Ron Paul made the most of Vegas by pallin’ around with ‘American’s Pimpaster General’, aka the Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch (see HBO late night for more on this if it’s not ringing a bell). Here’s the Pimpmaster pimping the Ron Paul on Fox News, courtesy of Mediaite, explaining that some of the “girls” (prostitutes) are for Ron Paul now that they’ve discovered that Newt Gingrich is a cheater!

Bunny Ranch employee Cami Parker chimed in calling Ron Paul “the” modern day Thomas Jefferson. I hope you’re beginning to see how Republicans get votes for their alleged “family values.” Synapses, missing in action. Not convinced yet?

The LA Times reported:

Richard Craig, a 50-year-old electrical engineer, gripped a Paul campaign sign and a plastic water bottle from Hooters filled with Glenlivet. The Texas native is here on a six-month contract.

“By the time I get back to Texas maybe he’ll have won a state or two,” he said.

Ah, Republicans. They can sell the Pope a mortgaged over its value Vatican and call it freedom.

Vegas, land of pimps, toilet paper and drunks all aglitter as voters ride through fake neon Paris and prostitutes bemoan that Newt cheated on his wives while pimps endorse Ron Paul and Newt hangs with drunks who weren’t even listening to him speak.

Is it any wonder that family values Republicans would be so appealing in the land of sin? Greed and gluttony do glitter in the Republican Party.

Image: MSNBC Photo Blog

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