Rush Limbaugh Whimpers in Defeat As Komen Caves to Planned Parenthood

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Planned Parenthood Victory Over Radical Right Komen Agenda"

The power of the Feminazis reaches an epidemic and Rush Limbaugh is not happy.

Rush is upset over the Komen cave on their original Right wing plan to defund Planned Parenthood for a variety of reasons that made no sense (save for the real reason, which is Karen Handel’s alleged “pro-life” position; aka radical Right wing attack on humanity). Komen caved to the Feminazis! Abortion is the sacrament of the religion of the left! Abortion causes breast cancer! (FYI: not true, not true, not true.)

Listen here courtesy of Media Matters:

Rush said, “And the Susan G Komen race for the cure, they have caved big time to the Feminazis at Planned Parenthood! It is stunning! Yesterday everybody was holding firm. And today, Nancy Brinker who runs the Susan Komen, just a big time cave. I mean, abortion is the sacrament to the religion of liberals. And nobody is going to mess with that lily pod, nobody is going to mess with that money, nobody is going to mess with that at all!”

And here he draws an inaccurate parallel between abortion and cancer:

“I wanna break away from these numbers for a minute I wanna talk about the Susan G Komen flap and Planned Parenthood. This is a teachable moment….

…Nobody’s talking about the relationship to breast cancer of breast cancer. It’s been medically documented! And notice how nobody wants to talk about it, and I don’t even know if that’s part of Komen’s original decision to defund or stop donating to Planned Parenthood.”

So many lies, so little time.

Of course, it wasn’t the Feminazis who pressured Komen (though we did try!), it was all of America. But if Rush wants to label all America a Feminazi I’m not going to stop him. By the way, Feminazi is defined by the Urban Dictionary: “A name, loosely synonymous with “bitch,” that men call women who seek power and control (i.e. traditionally “male” qualities) over their lives.” Big tent, boys!

So, we are all bitches to Rush Limbaugh. I’m crushed. I think it would be more upsetting if Rush wasn’t threatened by us; when Rush likes you, it suggests that you are on par with him intellectually and that’s disturbing (how long till Rush joins Trump in the Most Important Cracker – his words! – endorsement of Romney?).

Planned Parenthood is a reputable organization that’s been helping women with all kinds of health issues for longer than Republicans have been ruining the economy. Or, almost as long. And that’s a long time.

Abortion is not the sacrament of the religion of the left; rather, sanity is the religion of the left, now that Rush and his band of nutters pushed the Republicans off the crazy cliff. What was the middle is now the left, and that’s Rush’s real problem. He can’t see that the positions he takes that were so successful years ago are no longer cutting it. He’s taking on the entire country, save for the 23% of Bush voters carved out in the reddest of the red.

If Rush ever got out of his golden mic bubble, he might realize that actually, the left and the Democrats hardly give a crap about women’s rights and abortion these days. This issue is not hip or cool, as the latest meme to sweep our country is that women already have their rights and all we need to do to find female empowerment Nirvana is strap on a gun and go Angelina on your a$$es. Those of us who realize that this is not a viable solution, and who do not find Girls Gone Wild to be the ultimate expression of female power, are sort of in the cold save for Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and President Obama. (Hint to the left: this might be why some of us support this administration, but this is just a guess. Get back to me after men are being put in jail by Republicans for a bodily function they have no control over. We’ll talk.)

Of course, abortion has nothing to do with Komen funding Planned Parenthood. He might as well have screamed “Czars!” Rush is just using abortion to tie Planned Parenthood to something that jacks up the Right, because Komen never funded abortions. They funded breast cancer screening. But the Right wants to punish Planed Parenthood and see them suffer and die, the same way they are trying to punish union members and anyone else who dares to believe themselves a citizen in a free country with certain rights over their body and their welfare.

And lastly, abortion is not tied to breast cancer. Rush is using a study that was found to be “flawed” by the National Cancer Institute. This study was used to scare women into not having abortions (gee, who would do that?)

As a person who lives in a woman’s body, I have to wonder how familiar Rush is with the structure. Because it seems clear that he is referring to induced abortion, but if abortion caused breast cancer, then that would mean that all abortions caused cancer. And there are more than induced abortions; there are spontaneous abortions that happen naturally. That is the medical term for a miscarriage. But of course, spontaneous abortions do not cause breast cancer either:

• Induced abortion is not associated with an increase in breast cancer risk. (1)
• Recognized spontaneous abortion is not associated with an increase in breast cancer risk. (1)

And science is not on Rush’s side:

Scientific research does not support a link between abortion and an increased risk of breast cancer later in life, researchers at a National Cancer Institute concluded at the end of a special workshop on Feb. 26, 2003. Participants concluded that studies that claimed a connection between abortion and an increased risk of breast cancer were “flawed.” Larger better-designed studies indicate NO link.

Can you just picture Rush’s face and his bewilderment as to why no one is discussing a study that most of us know was debunked back in the 90’s, but definitely debunked in 2003, nine years ago? Wake up, Big Cracker!

Naturally, nothing Rush said was true or made any sense at all, but what we can glean from this upset is that Rush Limbaugh is shocked that liberals have such power that they caused Komen to reverse their decision.

And that’s something to celebrate, because what Rush doesn’t understand is that a woman’s choice is not a liberal issue it is a civil rights issue, and Planned Parenthood is a beloved institution in this country. Contrary to Rush’s Fox bubble impaired point of view, this is not a liberal issue, it’s an American issue.

The other thing that shocked the Radical Right was the pushback. Yesterday, journalists, reporters and bloggers started digging into Komen and their grants and their agenda. The pushback was intense and unearthed outrageous things about their stance on stem cells, their funding to Penn State (Penn State is currently the subject of a federal government investigation) and the Bush connections of the founder.

I wrote an article about Karen Handel (their VP of public policy and former Secretary of State for Georgia) who implemented a Radical Right wing agenda by purging 50,000 voters from the rolls in Georgia in the lead up to the 2008 election. That’s the kind of thing the Republicans would rather not draw attention to, and Komen certainly didn’t want getting out there. And I can assure them, we were just getting warmed up.

Defunding Planned Parenthood’s breast cancer screening for poor women because Karen Handel doesn’t like Planned Parenthood was a reprehensible move. Basing it on the fact that Planned Parenthood is under investigation at the hands of their Radical Right wing self-proclaimed Alinsky terrorists who are facing numerous investigations and charges themselves was even more ridiculous. The fact that a Republican is wasting our tax dollars investigating Planned Parenthood as a continuation of the Lila Rose and James O’Keefe’s hit job is even more reprehensible. The fact that Komen gave millions to Penn State made this a transparently absurd claim.

This time, the facts won. Lessons to liberals (aka: everyone who is not insane and does not watch Fox News): Pushback hard, swift, and with a vengeance upon first blood or else you’ll be left holding the tatters of freedom. Of course, best to stay on guard, as the Big Cracker gets things wrong a lot, and there are rumblings that Komen’s press release doesn’t really mean what everyone think it means. Shocking, I know. However, even if Komen does not fund Planned Parenthood, they have already lost by having their radical Right wing agenda exposed and by losing in the court of public opinion.

Either way, Komen is scrambling and Rush is whimpering.

When Rush Limbaugh is whimpering into his golden mic about the power of the Femi Nazis, it’s a great day for America.

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