The POTUS Surge Grows: Obama Leads Romney By 8 In Michigan

Jan 27 2012 Published by under Featured News

Mitt Romney is in jeopardy of losing to President Obama in the very state he was born in. A new EPIC-MRA poll finds that Obama leads Romney 48%-40% in Michigan.

The latest EPIC-MRA poll found that President Obama has gained 13 points in the state over the past two months. In November, Romney led Obama, 46%-41%, but today those numbers have reversed and the president now has a 48%-40% lead. The same dynamic that is powering Obama’s resurgence nationally is also at work in Michigan.

As more Michiganders believe the economy is improving, their support is moving towards Obama. Those who believe that the economy is improving now support Obama, 52%-40%. Just as we have seen in other polls, Mitt Romney’s support among Independents has collapsed. In November, Romney led with Independents, 41%-34. This number has completely reversed itself, as President Obama now leads 42%-32%.

The downward trend of sagging approval ratings and Independent support that has occurred nationally for Mitt Romney is beginning to show up in state level polls. The economy is getting better. Because the economy is improving, more Americans are starting to feel optimistic about the future, and they are viewing President Obama in a more positive light. It has always helped Obama that voters still personally like him, but the perception of a better economy is propelling his reelection campaign forward. It appears that if voters are given some reason to be optimistic, they might be more than willing to give this president a second term.

Newt Gingrich’s attacks may have hurt Romney, but his free fall is more about how he has managed to constantly shoot himself in the foot on the issues of Bain, his wealth, and taxes. Romney may be able to convince Republicans to vote against Obama, but it is looking doubtful that he can convince anyone to vote FOR him.

If Mitt Romney can’t win the state that he was born, then he really is unelectable. The whole crux of Romney’s electability argument was that he could win Michigan, and win nationally with Independents. Both of these points are turning into dust.

President Obama is gaining momentum while Mitt Romney is falling apart. A lot can change between now and November, but it is becoming impossible to overlook the American electorate’s noticeable shift in mood towards reelecting Barack Obama.

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