What The Hell Happened To The Republican Party?

Jan 26 2012 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party

They claim to be the party of Lincoln or Reagan. I want to know what the hell happened to the party of Eisenhower. In the Republican Party’s platform of 1956

In the GOP’s platform it stated,

“We shall continue vigorously to support the United Nations.” In contrast they oppose the U.N at almost every turn.

“We are proud of and shall continue our far-reaching and sound advances in matters of basic human needs—expansion of social securitybroadened coverage in unemployment insurance improved housing—and better health protection for all our people. We are determined that our government remain warmly responsive to the urgent social and economic problems of our people.”

Today, they want to privatize and means test Social Security, cut unemployment, and cut Medicaid as well as privatize Medicare.

“The record of performance of the Republican Administration on behalf of our working men and women goes still further. The Federal minimum wage has been raised for more than 2 million workers. Social Security has been extended to an additional 10 million workers and the benefits raised for 6 1/2 million.

Today, union membership is demonized by the right wing conservatives Republicans. Think “Right to work” states.

I could go on and on with the disappearance of the old, rational Republicans. The era of progressive Republicans are gone and have been replaced by the free market, Ayn Rand, divisive Republicans whose policies do not have the best outcomes for all Americans.

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