The Mainstream Media Blacks Out Stephen Colbert's South Carolina Vote Total

Jan 22 2012 Published by under Featured News

The mainstream doesn’t want to talk about it, but Stephen Colbert got more support in South Carolina than former GOP frontrunners Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann combined.

A look the official results from the state of South Carolina shows that Stephen Colbert finished fifth:

Stephen Colbert, as Herman Cain, received almost three times more votes (6,324) than sixth place finisher Rick Perry (2,491). Colbert also beat Jon Huntsman, Michele Bachmann, and Gary Johnson. If Colbert had been able to have his own name on the ballot, who knows how well he might have done. It wouldn’t have been impossible for Colbert to attract 5% of the vote.

The big political story is Newt Gingrich’s win/Mitt Romney’s collapse, but many outlets who reported the results both last night and today have completely ignored Colbert’s performance.

For example, here is how the AP listed the results:

When a comedian is able to use the ballot position of a candidate who left the race nearly two months ago, and get more votes than four former candidates who are also on the ballot, that’s a story too.

The real reason why the mainstream media won’t talk about Colbert’s vote total is his interest is in calling attention to Citizens United. The corporate media doesn’t like to talk about such things as they are playing their mystique as the impartial fourth estate on election night.

In their defense, it is impossible to tell the individual motivations of each Cain voter. How many of the votes for Cain votes were for the former Republican candidate? The fact that Cain got more votes than the three most recent GOP candidates to leave the race, Bachmann, Huntsman, and Perry strongly suggests that the Cain voters were supporting Colbert.

Stephen Colbert got more votes in South Carolina than two former GOP frontrunners (Perry and Bachmann) combined. Colbert also got more votes than people who showed up at his rally with Cain on Friday, (6,000+ – 5,000+). Colbert’s efforts in South Carolina are part of bigger campaign against Citizens United.

Since the mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about Citizens United, which is a decision that their corporate owners benefit from, and they insist on treating the freak show that is the race for the 2012 GOP nomination like a serious process, they are refusing to talk about Colbert today.

In one week, Stephen Colbert managed to both shine a light on the cancer to our electoral process that is Citizens United, and through Herman Cain’s ballot position illustrate the weakness of the 2012 field. Colbert may never be the president of South Carolina, but the real Stephen Colbert is educating millions of Americans about Citizens United.

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