PoliticusUSA Sports Black 'Armbands' In Support Of The SOPA Blackout

Jan 18 2012 Published by under Featured News

Today, PoliticusUSA is blacking out our header, sidebars, and random comments in show of support for the SOPA Internet blackout.

You may have noticed all the black on our pages here at PoliticusUSA today. Nothing is wrong with your eyes, or your screen. We have blacked out sections of our page and some comments to show our solidarity with the SOPA blackout protest that is occurring today.

Many websites including Wikipedia and Reddit chose to go black for the day, but we decided to go a different route. We pride ourselves on providing news, facts, and information to all of you every day. By design this site doesn’t advocate. We don’t tell you what to do. Our mission is to provide you with information, and discuss issues and stories that are too often ignored by the mainstream media.

PoliticusUSA supports activists and protests of all kinds. Whether they take to the streets to fight for their right to collectively bargain in the winter Wisconsin air, or the average Americans who speak for us all as they Occupy Wall Street, we have brought you the events and stories that the mainstream media won’t.

Our goal is to tell you the story, not be the story. If we had blacked out PoliticusUSA, we would have become part of the story. When we discussed it, it didn’t feel right for us. We are truly independent, and we wanted to come up with our own way to show our support. Hence, the black “armbands” on our sidebars.

Legislation like SOPA and PIPA could threaten the very existence of sites like PoliticusUSA. SOPA and PIPA matter, not just for those who work and write on the Internet, but for people like you who get their news from the Internet. If you want to see how SOPA would impact your freedom, leave a comment. Maybe it will be blacked out, maybe it won’t. This is the game of Russian Roulette that Congress is threatening to play with the Internet.

If you want to do your part, you can join the SOPA Strike here. There are 100 Senators who need to hear your voice. Speak now and keep speaking until you are heard, and this legislation is defeated. No one has the right to censor you. Make sure that every member of Congress gets the message that our voices will never be silenced.

We fully support the SOPA Blackout and all other protests against this proposed legislation, because in case you haven’t heard freedom is the new black.

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