The Republican Debate Audience Hits A New Low By Cheering Child Labor

Jan 16 2012 Published by under Featured News

Not only did the South Carolina Republican debate audience cheer child labor, they were orgasmic over the idea of using child labor to destroy unions.

Here’s the video:

Here is what Gingrich said that got him a standing ovation at tonight’s Fox News Republican debate in South Carolina, “What I tried to say, and I think it’s fascinating because Joe Klein reminded me that this started with an article that he wrote twenty years ago. New York City pays their janitors an absurd amount of money because of the union. You could take one janitor and hire thirty some kids to work in the school for the price of one janitor, and those thirty kids would be a lot less likely to drop out. They would actually have money in their pocket. They’d learn to show up for work. They could do light janitorial duty. They could work in cafeteria. They could work in the front office. They could work in the library. They’d be getting money which is a good thing if you are poor. Only the elites despise earning money.”

The Republican debate audience not only cheered the use of poor and minority students as child labor, but they were orgasmic over the idea of using kids in order to destroy unions. What Gingrich was really saying is that poor and minority kids aren’t entitled to an education. Gingrich’s plan would sentence children to cleaning up after and serving wealthier and in all probability whiter children. Newt Gingrich wants to put racial and financial barriers back into our public school system.

While these minority and poor kids are mopping the floors and serving food, the one thing they aren’t doing is getting an education. It is not surprising that the message that education is for whites and that minorities should serve them would play so well in South Carolina. The state has the ninth highest level of people in poverty, and high dropout rate. Only 55% of the state’s students graduate high school. Just 45% of South Carolina’s African American students and 39% of the Hispanic students graduate high school.

Given these numbers, who do you think would make up most of the workers in Newt Gingrich’s kiddie labor force?

The idea is to take poor white, African American, and Hispanic children and use them to push the cost of labor down. Gingrich’s plan would make economic advancement impossible for poor and minority kids. It would also create more competition that would push adult wages down. Gingrich wants to return America to level of economic inequality that was present in this country during the early 20th Century.

Gingrich’s dream of legalized child labor is morally reprehensible, and the Republican debate audience loved it. Their standing ovation spoke volumes about the kind of America they want to see, and specifically the color they want back in power.

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