What The Media Won't Tell You: GOP Voter Fraud Is Running Rampant

Jan 12 2012 Published by under Featured News

The media has been ignoring the real story on election fraud. Republicans all across the country from Mitt Romney to state party officials have engaged in voter fraud.

Here is a definition of voter fraud from Project Vote, “Voter fraud is the “intentional corruption of the electoral process by the voter.” This definition covers knowingly and willingly giving false information to establish voter eligibility, and knowingly and willingly voting illegally or participating in a conspiracy to encourage illegal voting by others. All other forms of corruption of the electoral process and corruption committed by elected or election officials, candidates, party organizations, advocacy groups or campaign workers fall under the wider definition of election fraud.”

Republicans have tried all sorts of tricks, including James O’Keefe’s most recent harebrained scheme to prove voter fraud, but it turns out that many Republicans including the frontrunner for the party’s presidential nomination, Mitt Romney have engaged in voter fraud.

Listen to the Politicus Radio discussion of Republican voter fraud:

While living in California, Mitt Romney claimed that his legal residency was in his son’s basement in Massachusetts in order to cast a ballot for Scott Brown in the state’s 2010 special election for the Senate seat previously held by Ted Kennedy. Romney has never provided an adequate explanation as to why a man who owns multiple homes would be living in his son’s basement. Mitt Romney has never had to explain it, because the media has never bothered to ask.

Newt Gingrich was not included on the Republican primary ballot in Virginia due to the fact that 9%-10% of the signatures his campaign collected were not legitimate. In Wisconsin a Republican legislative aide who worked for the co-sponsor of the state’s voter ID bill was charged with voter fraud.

The latest and most egregious case of Republican voter fraud occurred in Indiana where the state’s Republican election officer was charged with voter fraud.

Voter fraud is extremely rare. Studies show that fraud occurs an average of 0.00004%-0.0009% of the time, but when voter fraud occurs, it is likely that it is a Republican who will be charged.

If the media ever decides to talk about voter fraud, before they scream ACORN, they should utter three other letters, G-O-P.

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