Rush Limbaugh Is Outraged That The Obamas Are Living Like Entitled White People

Jan 09 2012 Published by under Featured News

Wealthy elitist Rush Limbaugh is super mad that the Obamas are worming their way into living “high” on the “hog” like the white peeps. The nerve.

From the January 9 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show courtesy of Media Matters:

“I believe that whatever drives Obama and his party is the pursuit of money without having to work for it… If you look at the way the Obamas live, with Michelle and her separate vacations and not being concerned about how much it costs to take separate airplanes – an opportunity to live high on the hog without having it cost them a dime. They justify it by saying well we deserve this, we’re owed this because of whatever happened to our ancestors.”

See, you’re supposed to get all outraged and justify that Obama doesn’t spend that much and that Michelle has her own responsibilities as First Lady (much of which centers on her supporting military families but we know that doesn’t count for Rush) and that the Obamas pay for their personal trips, but that would be buying into the frame that Obama should have to justify his spending to a drug addicted white man who dropped out of college. Please.

It’s best to laugh at the petty racism of the far right while they hold their sweat slick, corpulent hands out for freebies and justify the millions of dollars in bonuses their friends give to Wall Street failures. After all, Rush wishes he were as powerful and important as the glorious and haloed Barack Obama. Rush also wishes he had the figure to be photographed body surfing in Hawaii.

It hurts Rush to want something a black man with a superb education earned, so he has to pretend Obama is being uppity because that implies he didn’t earn it. Heck, Rush came out and said Obama wants stuff he didn’t earn because of his ancestors. Don’t tell Rush, but Obama is not a descendant of the enslaved Africans who built America with no thanks from the white boys who took charge from their privileged perch. Yes, see, there are some Africans who are also Americans, but are not African Americans. This detail surely will not make any sense to Rush anyway so it’s best not to burden him with it.

But poor Rush does have a point. Nouveau riche tackiness is best left to white boys like himself, whose vulgar taste rivals Donald Trump’s (see the $44 million Palm Beach compound). See, you can’t buy class, but when you push your way into the clubhouse, it’s best to keep everyone else out — that way, even when they realize you have no taste and your manners belie your position, there won’t be anyone to replace you with.

It’s so obvious that Rush is really just jealous and feeling protectionist toward his precarious and unearned status as an elite. He’s afraid someone will ask him one day, “Hey, how in the heck did an uneducated drug addict get to be a national icon of hate and run the Republican Party? What did you ever do to deserve such privilege?”

Rush should relax, as the answer is as obvious as it is replete with conservative values of working for your cash. Rush got there because he got lucky; his brand of idiotic hate matched up perfectly with Reagan’s repeal of the Fairness Doctrine and the two of them set out to destroy the Republican Party’s image as the party of ideas. Who else could do that so well, I ask you?

Now that Rush has arrived via the front door, he wants to slam the gates shut against anyone he doesn’t like, as a true American would. If only someone would knight him so he could take this to its full fruition. They knight uneducated drug addicts, don’t they? I mean, heck, nothing says “I earned this” like a title.

True conservatives (as opposed to those who make tons of money they don’t deserve by playing one on the radio) are outraged over this particular President spending any money because… you know… they care about frugality. Just look at George W Bush’s prudent use of money if you don’t believe me. No, not at Medicare D or the wars he left off of the budget. We all know bills are for Democrats. No, I mean his many, many vacation days, especially the ones he billed as working vacations. Gosh, how expensive would you say it was having an intellectually absent executive?

Way to stay relevant, Rush! Keep catering to the old, scared whites ‘cuz that’s a segment that keeps on growin’! Sure, the old man might be irrelevant, but isn’t he a great mascot for the modern day Republican Party? He is their base!

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