Democrats Catch Mitt Romney In A Huge Lie During The Facebook Debate

Jan 08 2012 Published by under Featured News

The more Mitt Romney talks the harder it gets for him to keep his stories straight as evidenced by this DNC video that caught Romney in a big lie during the Facebook debate.

Here is the video:

The DNC video points out that Romney at first denies ever having seen one of the super PAC ads that have been attacking Newt Gingrich on his behalf, but just 14 seconds later, Romney was able to give an astounding point by point description of the ad’s attacks against Gingrich. The DNC ad destroys Romney’s denial by playing audio of him on The Laura Ingraham Show admitting that he raised money for the super PAC.

DNC Debbie Wasserman Schultz said after Romney’s big lie at the GOP debate, “This morning, the Republican presidential field participated in their second debate of the weekend. Once again, we saw that the Republican candidates don’t have any new ideas to help the middle class in our country get ahead. We also saw that Mitt Romney will say anything to win, and there’s no more potent example of that than when he said in one breath that he hadn’t seen super PAC ads aired in support of his campaign hitting his opponents and then in the next breath recited the content of one of the ads.”

It would be an amazing feat of psychic ability if Mitt Romney was able to tell the world what was in the super PAC ad without ever seeing it. Since Romney doesn’t have psychic powers, the most realistic explanation is that Romney not only knows what is in the ads, but his campaign is also helping to coordinate them.

The saddest part of all is that the Democratic National Committee is doing a better job challenging Mitt Romney than any of his primary opponents are. Mitt Romney has moved from a strategy of flip-flopping to flat out lying. Whether it is the number of jobs he created at Bain, his claim of spending life in the private sector, or claiming to have never seen ads that he is obviously intimately involved with, Romney has filled the last two debates with a mountain of lies.
None of his Republican competitors had the guts to put out an ad calling out Romney’s obvious lies, but the DNC is already in general election form. Romney can get away with his lies and tall tales while running for the Republican nomination, but he will get past the Democratic Party and Obama by simply making it up as he goes along.

Mitt Romney is trying to fib his way into the Oval Office, but Democrats are ready and waiting for Romney’s campaign of lies.

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