Fox Apologizes for Jews Killed Jesus Poll But Not For Smearing US Muslims

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It’s not just here in the US that Fox News takes its religious cultism and hate mongering to dangerous lows.

The propaganda network is global. Over Christmas, Fox Latin America staffers put a poll on a Facebook page promoting the National Geographic Channels’ Christmas special that asked whether Jews killed Jesus. The poll asked whether they thought Pontius Pilate, the Jewish People, or the High Priests were responsible for killing Christ.

MSNBC reports:

The Simon Weisenthal Center in Buenos Aires calls it a defamatory reference to Vatican propaganda that “resulted in the persecution and murder of Jews for two millennia.”

The Jewish group says it’s outraged that Fox would perpetuate an idea that the Vatican annulled back in 1965.

The notion that Jews killed Jesus Christ has damaged Jewish-Christian relations for centuries and even the Vatican renounced the notion forty years ago.

Fox spokeswoman Guadalupe Lucero apologized for the poll, saying, “We sincerely apologize for the publication of a poll that might have unintentionally given place to interpretations, opinions or expressions of intolerance affecting the Jewish community. We deeply regret the incident.”

It’s great that Fox Latin America apologized for hate-baiting. Now, what about all of the Muslim-bashing, liberal-bashing, Obama-bashing, Democrat-bashing, poor-bashing, and basic other-bashing they do here in the United States?

Here’s a few examples of Fox News Muslim bashing courtesy of Media Matters:

Discussing NYC Islamic center, Beck asks, “[A]fter you’ve killed 3,000 people, you’re going to now build your mosque”?

Fox Business promotes discredited activist Pam Geller, who says Obama has “an anti-Semitic history”

Morris: Park51 would be a “command center for terrorism”

Beck, Geller push falsehood that Ground Zero “mosque” will open on September 11

Limbaugh on NYC Islamic center: “Why not have” KSM trial there? “Pick the jurors from the congregants”

After stoking fears about Muslim birth rate, Beck says we’re on “edge of the precipice,” across which is “Dark Ages”

Limbaugh compares NYC Islamic center to Tim McVeigh memorial near Murrah Federal Building

Media Matters breaks this down:

Insert “Jewish” or “Catholic” into the Islamic references above and see if you think the press would make a big deal about a similar Fox News and far-right hate crusade that targeted a different faith in America….

And yes, there’s a connection between the recent race-baiting and today’s fresh Muslim-bashing as Fox News remains at the forefront of a long-running smear effort (see “terrorist fist jab”) to depict the president of the United States as some sort of Manchurian Candidate whose true allegiance lays elsewhere. The NAACP? The New Black Panther Party? Mecca? That answer bounces around from week to week. But the implication is clear and unbending: Obama is not like you and me, and Obama will destroy the United States the first chance he gets.

He’s “anti-American.”

Yet once again, you can practically hear the audible justifications: “Well, it’s just Fox being Fox.” Or, “It’s just Rush being Rush.”

I realize I’m repeating myself from last month when I asked why Fox News’ proud race-baiting hadn’t become the story, but honestly, when the most-watched cable news channel relentlessly depicts moderate Muslims as being part of a murderous cult, that’s news. When it routinely provides a national forum for a hatemonger like Pam Geller who calls the president of the United States an anti-Semite and claims he’s allied with Islamic terrorists, that’s news.

Yes, just why hasn’t Fox News’ race-baiting and hate-mongering been news here? Why does our media bend over for Fox News’ hate, contorting themselves into all manner of distortions in order to justify the indefensible? And most importantly, why are we not all speaking out more loudly against it?

We recall Fox News and the right wing politicians in its pockets who spent weeks demonizing Park 51 and only chose to distance themselves from their hate-mongering once the Catholic Church, General Petraeus and two other generals denounced extremist Pastor Terry Jones, who was threatening to burn the Quran because he shared the beliefs as Fox News expressed relentlessly in the time period leading up to the Jones burning debacle.

Fox News’ Bill Hemmer said Park51 could be “the first stop for a radical jihadist who comes to America who wants to go pray.” Fred Barnes on Fox’s Bret Baier called Park 51 an unnecessary provocation back then. What do they call their own behavior?

In response to Lowe’s bigotry, Christians, Jews and Muslims joined together to take a stand for tolerance. When will Americans of all faiths, colors and political ideology do the same in response to the blatant, outrageous bigotry of Fox News? Fox News needs to apologize for their hate-mongering in the United States. Or is that they only apologize to certain groups and not to others for perpetrating the exact same bigotry and ugliness.

Can we get an apology, or at least an amen?

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