The Real Job Creator: Obama Has Created 2.3 Million Jobs Since 2010

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In Article VI of the Constitution, it says that, “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” It is arguably one of the most important parts of the Constitution to protect America from becoming a theocracy. However, when a candidate’s religion is purported to be an integral part of their character it goes without saying that adherence to the perceived high moral standards inherent with devout religious men and women should reconcile with the veracity, or lack thereof, of their campaign statements. Pundits assail Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and the other conservative Christian Republican presidential hopefuls for their rhetoric and policy positions that are contrary to their Christian beliefs, but up to this point Willard Romney has avoided criticism for contradicting his religious beliefs.

At issue is not whether Romney’s Mormon faith is a cult or not as many Christians claim, but rather, if his Mormon beliefs permit blatant lying to earn the Republican nomination for the presidency. Romney claims that he follows the tenets of the Christian faith, and if that is indeed true (it is not entirely true), then his character becomes suspect because he is a liar. This is not an indictment of Romney’s tendency to change his position on issues at the rate most people change their underwear, but a clear charge of mendacious statements about President Obama.

Romney’s criticisms of President Obama’s record and intentions for the country go beyond lacking veracity; they are deliberately fallacious and misleading for the sole purpose of portraying the president as an ineffectual leader and provocateur of Socialism and Communism. In fact, it is difficult to find any truth in Romney’s statements about the president leading any reasonable person to assume that Willard is not only not a Christian, but a Satanist whose belief system has as its basis lies and misinformation for the purpose of self-promotion and material enrichment. In Romney’s case, since he is already rich, his lies are for self-promotion to attain the nation’s highest office and a position of unmatched power and influence.

One of the biggest lies Romney told is that President Obama has not created any jobs during his three years as president. Romney’s lying is to cover the truth that his former company, Bain Capital, eliminated jobs while Romney raked in millions of dollars a year even during his retirement. Romney’s plan to respond to upcoming attacks on his business acumen that depends on slashing jobs to increase profits is to lie by claiming that the president “has not created any new jobs during his tenure.”  Romney said, “25 million people are out of work because of Barack Obama. And so I’ll compare my experience in the private sector where, net-net, we created over 100,000 jobs. I’ll compare that record with his record, where he has not created any new jobs.” Romney, the devout Mormon, is a liar.

Since March 2010, the private sector added 2.3 million new jobs and “it took the Obama economy one year to create more jobs” than during George W. Bush’s presidency did in eight years. The new jobs created during the Obama Administration are due in part to the stimulus, unemployment benefit extension and payroll tax cut from December 2010. There have been public sector job losses due to state budget deficits caused by the Bush-Republican Great Recession, but Romney has promised to cut more public sector jobs by slashing government programs that will make government employees face what Romney did to employees while at Bain Capital.  During Romney’s tenure as governor of Massachusetts, from 2003-2007 before the recession hit the economy, the state ranked 47th in job creation. Romney’s lack of honesty and dispensation of the truth prevents him from providing evidence that during his time a Bain he created 100,000 jobs.

In New Hampshire this past Monday, Romney claimed that President Obama’s “rate of regulatory burden has increased four-fold since Obama has become president. Four times the amount of regulation coming out per year as in the past. And so businesses say, gosh, I’m not sure I want to invest in America.”  Romney has repeated the regulations lie before and NPR asked Romney’s campaign for verification and they had to admit that “the governor misspoke.” No, misspeaking is different from blatantly lying and Romney’s campaign lied again when they attempted to clarify that new regulations under President Obama were twice what Bush’s administration made and that is also a blatant lie. Bloomberg News said that, “Obama’s White House approved 613 federal rules during the first 33 months of his term, 4.7 percent fewer than the 643 cleared by President George W. Bush’s administration in the same time frame, according to an Office of Management and Budget statistical database reviewed by Bloomberg.” So not only is Romney lying about Obama creating more regulations than Bush, it turns out that the President is responsible for less regulatory activity than Bush.

Romney also said that, according to an official government report, regulations cost the economy $1.7 trillion annually. It is another lie. Only a fraction of layoffs are attributable to regulations under Obama and according to an OMB estimation, the economic benefits of regulations outweigh their costs; often by a large margin. For a reference, during the Clinton Administration, regulations increased and the Clinton presidency oversaw one of the biggest job creation and economic booms in recent memory. Regulations are crucial to protect consumers from environmental hazards as well as protecting workers on the job.

Romney’s tendency to lie, as a matter-of-course, belies his alleged Christian beliefs. Whether or not Mormons are encouraged to lie to get ahead is unclear, but perhaps it is some kind of cult-like ritual that works well in Utah and Mormon missionary training, but it is not worthy of a presidential candidate or an honest American. Willard cannot claim ignorance in misstating figures and assertions because every lying statement he makes is easily verifiable as part of the public government record. Romney is a liar and there is a big difference between changing positions on an issue and fabricating stories about President Obama to portray him as mishandling the economy.

The Constitution’s ban on a religious test for public office is reasonable and necessary to prevent a theocratic takeover or restricting a particular candidate’s religious belief from allowing them to serve.  But Romney has portrayed himself as a Mormon of high moral character who adheres to the bible and its prohibition on lying, but by lying profusely, Willard belies that he is honest, a Christian, or has any moral character whatsoever. If Romney is willing to tell abject lies that are easily refuted, what does it say about every other statement the man has ever told? It is unclear if Mormons are encouraged to lie because of the secretive nature of the religion, but if Willard Romney is any indication, then one must assume that his religion does indeed promote lying in order to earn the highest office in America. The last thing Americans need is another liar in the White House because like George Bush and Ronald Reagan, a Willard Romney presidency will be a disaster based on deceit, fear-mongering and lies to protect the wealthy and start unnecessary wars.


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