A Movement To Draft Sarah Palin Urges Iowa Republicans to Vote Rogue

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The Sarah Palin crowd is hanging on to Iowa with all they’ve got. They are urging Iowans to vote rogue this January!

An independent group are running ads in Iowa asking voters to write in Palin’s name. They will air on KCAU-TV in the Sioux City, Iowa market. Some will also air as a commercial during the Broncos-Chiefs game on WHBF-TV in the market for the eastern border of Iowa. Here’s their vote rogue ad:

Okay, in case you weren’t quaking from that one, check out the Bear:

There’s a bear in the woods and the bear is vicious and dangerous and isn’t it smart to be as dangerous as the bear, if there really is a bear? Or something like that. Anyway, the point is to vote for Palin (the bear) and the other point is that the other non-Palin candidates better get it together because they are not as tough as the bear (if the bear exists).

Back on the 6th of December, Shellymic, the maker of these videos, debuted the first video, claiming that the ads were not to promote Palin as a write-in candidate, “This is a 30-second commercial and is NOT promoting a write-in effort for Iowa.”

My how times have changed!

The Sarah Palin Earthquake group noted yesterday on Facebook, “MEMBERS: I am happy to announce that our group will be credited with running some radio ads in Iowa on station WHO over this week and weekend. We were asked by some independent individuals if we would work with them to get the ads put on. They are donating to having the ads run and we are lending our Iowa Earthquake’s name to the ads. They have secured a spot on the Rush Limbaugh show and Simon Conway show along with other scattered time slots. This will add to the saturation of the airwaves this last week. Thank you to our members and others who arranged this merger of all of us!”

With Newt falling in the polls and on Intrade, the conservative field is opening up once again for the fickle followers. Fox News is pushing Rick Santorum (the only one left other than Jon Hunstman and he’s not a Fox News conservative or religious cultist), but Santorum has never had national lift-off in spite of his Google fame. He is polling at 16% in Iowa now, thanks to Fox telling their viewers who to support this month (we report, you fall in line). However, with all the changes in the rules and the wide open field, Palin could take Iowa by storm if she wished.

Sarah Palin’s Iowa Earthquake is a closed Facebook group with 359 members, although there are many other Palin Earthquake groups on Facebook. The main page has 1,242 likes as of this writing. On Free Republic, a member claims that on October 8, 2011, the Sarah Palin’s Earthquake group had 1,000s of members that are a part of a draft Sarah Palin movement.

Conservatives for Palin states that the Palin Quake’s main purpose is to round up all of her supporters to create the “earthquake” that will stir a change of heart in their chosen candidate. They write, “A win in Iowa would be a strong enough earthquake to meet the bar she has set. If we could deliver Iowa for her, it would make a huge statement for her viability and in her supporters’ sincere grassroots efforts to help get her into the race.”

The name of the group is based on Palin’s conversation with Mark Levin wherein she said she would not change her mind about running absent a 10.3 magnitude earthquake, which her supporters are trying to create by taking Iowa for Palin.

It’s encouraging to see citizens this engaged in the election process, no matter who their chosen candidate is.

Is there a bear in the woods? Time will tell.

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