Atheist Bill Maher Catches Hell From Fox News Viewers For Tebow Tweet

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More proof that Fox News kills brain cells. Fox News fans were so outraged by a Bill Maher tweet about Tim Tebow that they have been telling the atheist to go straight to hell.

Bill Maher tweeted this after Tim Tebow attempted to ruin Christmas for people who believe in the forward pass and set the NFL back 80 years with his performance against the Buffalo Bills:

Maher’s tweet provoked outrage from Fox News’ Glenn Beck clone gone bad, Eric Bolling.

Bolling tweeted

A click on the hashtag #straighttohellbill opens the door to the real fun.

Here are some of the choice tweets with usernames removed:

RT @ericbolling Bill Maher is disgusting vile trash. Can’t even repeat what he just twted about Tebow on Christmas Eve. #straighttohellBill

(As if tweeting anything about the Golden Tebow Child other than an unconfirmed report that he may have been the byproduct of a virgin birth in a manger in blasphemous).

never cared for Bill Maher even before he became a lib political hack posing as a comedian but Tebow tweet was revolting #straighttohellbill

(If Tebow gives God credit for all the good things that he does on the football field, then why is it wrong to blame God, when he unleashed a gigantic barrel of suck on Christmas Eve?)

@billmaher if Tebow was a Muslim and prayed towards Mecca after a touchdown, would you still make fun of him? #straighttohellBill

(Of all the tweets in this stream, this one was by far my favorite. Bill Maher is an atheist. He doesn’t care what faith Tim Tebow practices. He would still make fun of him if Muslim Tebow gave all the credit to Allah. What part of this is so hard to understand? Trying to paint Maher as a terrorist sympathizer is so Fox News. What part of this don’t you people get?)

The most hysterical part of all of this is Eric Bolling and his troop of twitdiots telling an atheist to go to hell. The fact that atheists don’t believe in deities or angels, or demons, or heaven and hell seems lost on them. Telling someone to go to a place that they don’t believe exists is not the best way to express your anger.

Tim Tebow has already been martyred by Fox News. It doesn’t seem matter to these people that a). Tebow has yet to master the fine art of the forward pass, b). Quarterbacks are expected to be able to accurately throw forward passes, c). This means that in the eyes of most, Tim Tebow is not a very good quarterback.

Some might say that Tim Tebow is beloved by so many evangelicals because of his faith, not his play.

Anyone who criticizes Tebow, or who points out the ridiculousness of the Tebow to God connection (my money is on Tebow not being able to hit God if he was wide open on a 15 yard slant), earns the wrath of the religious right for criticizing their faith. Tebow’s faith is getting him a free pass ( if thrown by Tebow it would probably be intercepted) with many in the media.

Many sportswriters are afraid to go near the issue of Tebow’s faith to even question whether or not Tebow’s disciples have bullied the media into not writing or speaking badly of their pigskin savior.

Bill Maher brought up a good point. If Tebow gives God the credit for the good, then does God get blame for the bad? It is the kind of thing those pesky atheists always ask, and the response is forever howls of religious persecution.

If any more evidence is ever needed that watching Fox News does definitely make you dumber, remember that Fox News viewers once told an atheist to go to hell.

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