How The NYPD Tried And Failed To Cancel Christmas For Occupy Wall Street

Dec 26 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

The battle between Occupy Wall Street and the NYPD didn’t take a break for Christmas as police prevented protesters from entering Zuccotti Park for a pot luck Christmas dinner.

According to, “It wouldn’t be Christmas without a plate heaped high with holiday treats — but it just wouldn’t be Occupy without an altercation with police, who caused a brief stir when they stopped volunteers with bags full of cookies and pies for a planned 3 p.m. Christmas potluck meal from entering the fenced-off square.”

Just like every other occasion when the NYPD and the one percent stood in Occupy Wall Street’s way, the movement of the 99% would not be denied. The protesters held their Christmas dinner on the sidewalk where they served a variety of Christmas treats, sang Christmas carols, and even took communion. It was a very Occupy Christmas attended by both the young and old, and not even the NYPD’s Dickens villanesque behavior could stop the inevitable.

The NYPD has yet to comment on why they were so petty and childish on Christmas Day, but I suspect that their eventual statement will be a retelling of Bloomberg’s same old excuses about the park being private property, safety, security, and maybe they’ll change it up a bit by mentioning something about a permit too.

The fact that the protesters came back on Christmas Day should send a shiver up the spines of the one percent. The one percent is hoping that out of sight equals out of mind of OWS, but the community remains. It doesn’t matter if they have to gather on one of a million sidewalks, Occupy Wall Street is still here. The movement has become entwined in the fabric of American politics. The one percent may have kicked some protesters out of some parks around the country, but the idea is still burning in the hearts and minds of millions of Americans.

Occupy Wall Street has not forgotten. Liberty Plaza is still their home, and they will be back. The battle for economic equality and liberty has not ended. The people have not been silenced. Every day that they are able to exploit the masses and manipulate our political system is another victory for the one percent, but just as the spirit of the season could not be denied by the NYPD yesterday, the quest for economic equality and justice for those who have done wrong can’t be stopped by a fence or the police.

What the one percent doesn’t get is that OWS isn’t about the park. It’s about the idea. Just as you don’t need a tree to celebrate Christmas, you don’t need a park to Occupy Wall Street. Merry Christmas, Wall Street. You are still occupied.

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