If Shariah Law Makes its Way to America it Will Be Wrapped In Conservative $$$

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There has been a drum beat in America that encourages fear of Shariah Law invading our shores. As ludicrous as this message is, there is a loud and angry minority who drive this beat and disseminate propaganda to a population who ironically turn to FOX News for their “news”. Why is this ironic? It is because one of the investors in FOX’s parent company, News Corp is a Saudi Prince named AlWaleed who actually is a Wahabbist.

Most of what is being spread is hyperbolic uber-conservative hate wrapped in concern that ignites and fuels hatred and discrimination against an entire group of people who are Muslim. Not only is this un-American, it is dangerous. We have witnessed this escalate from the anti-Park 51 protests and demands that construction of mosques be banned altogether in the United States, to the threat of burning the Qur’an, to congressional committee hearings led by Representative Peter King NY (R) rising as the new “McCarthy” in his hunt for perceived enemies in the American Muslim community. Most recently we saw it rear its ugly head in the campaign to dissuade advertisers such as Lowe’s home improvement from airing their ads during a new reality television show titled, ” American Muslims”.

Yet, while all of these, and so many more insidious attacks against the entire Muslim community have been marching a boisterous segment of our population into the land fear and paranoia we miss what is happening in the background.

On December 19th it was announced that billionaire Saudi Prince Tal-al AlWaleed bought 300 million persuasive dollars into Twitter. As this article from Reuters points out:

Reuters 12/19/2011

“The purchase is remarkable because Twitter was a key means of communication for protesters in the Arab Spring revolts this year, violence that threatened Saudi Arabia until the kingdom unveiled a populist $130 billion social spending package”. ~ By Sitaraman Shankar

This investment has been written about on various web sites and even given blips of air time on various televised programs, but it is one of those stories that sails right past the majority of Americans. It appears on face-value as insignificant. Targeting media is intentional and it is not simply because the Prince is making wise retirement investment decisions. So let’s take a look at just some of Prince AlWaleed’s holdings and investments as a Forbe’s ranked Top 25 billionaires with a worth of $19.6 billion

  • CitiCorp
  • AOL
  • Four Seasons Resorts
  • Apple
  • Twitter
  • Park 51
  • MCI
  • Motorola
  • Fairmont Hotels
  • News Corp (parent of FOX News) and all of its sub-holdings…

News Corp image

AlWaleed was educated in the United States receiving a B.S. degree in Business Administration at Menlo College (California) and a Master’s in Social Science from Syracuse University in 1985. He is expertly applying those degrees with the help of family fortune as the nephew of the King of Saudi Arabia.

A quick Google search will turn up a significant number of articles written about this powerful ally to Wahabbist Arabs. Wahabbism is considered an ultra-conservative sect of Islam much like we have warned time and again about the ultra-conservative sect of Dominionist Christianity. Neither are recognized by their mainstream followers of either respective religion as representative of their faiths.

This article on Islam Daily gives a good analysis as to what the underlying motivations are for this Prince to spread his wealth. The final paragraph of this article titled, “Implications of Saudi Funding to Western Academic Institutions”, sums it up this way:

Sat 11 Mar 2006


“Saudi Arabia’s state religion is Wahhabism, a narrow form of Islam hostile to reforms in Islam and ideologically akin to radical Islamism. Generous Saudi funding of institutions in the non-Muslim world, and especially in the West, has a long history and is driven by the Saudi state and the royal family. While Saudi sources claim that the funding is given to help remove Western misunderstandings of Islam, evidence suggests that much of the motivation is founded in Islamic doctrines of mission (Da‘wa) and holy war (Jihad) and aims at the spread of Islam (especially in its Wahhabi form) and its political dominance around the world. More recently it has been apparently employed in improving the Saudi image in the West and regaining its influence there, as both were severely damaged by the impact of the 11 September 2001 attacks”. ~ Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity

I will conclude by saying that if we are to be concerned about a threat of religious extremism – we had best pay more attention to what is really happening and not what the alarmists are screaming about. While I watched the vitriol and hysteria broadcast by FOX pundits, politicians and viewers about Park 51 I couldn’t help but sit there thinking that they are clueless as to who has a controlling interest in the very station that they are getting their “news” from.

Dominionism and Wahabbism are both real and present dangers and both are investing and controlling corporate interests here and abroad. We need to use informed spending habits so that we do not contribute to these growing empires who are buying America and influencing outcomes while going virtually unnoticed and use our votes as the ultimate currency in our own country.

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