The 2011 Political Naughty Or Nice List: Occupy Wall Street

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As Santa has made his list and checked it twice, and PoliticusUSA is doing the same. Find out who has been naughty and nice in the world of politics. Next up, Occupy Wall Street.

Occupy Wall Street

Hrafnkell Haraldsson- Nice, for standing up for democracy and economic rights against the corporate-sponsored Republican class war on the Middle Class. If there has been a role model for “Nice” this year, it is the #Occupy movement.

Adalia Woodbury- Nice. Occupy Wall Street will has something wonderful in its stocking this year for its ability to change the dialogue about income disparity and bringing attention to a variety of factors that make our economic system a lawless market rigged to the detriment of most Americans. Santa’s gift to the Occupy Wall Street movement is a return of the first amendment to natural persons. (Santa is seeking help from Senator Bernie Saunders to make this a reality. Link: to Bernie’s petition)

Ray Medeiros Jr. – NICE. Occupy Wall St for changing the national conversation from austerity, debt and deficit to income inequality, the economy and money in politics.

Janine Wallace – Nice.
Many, many presents in their stockings, each and every one! For talking on the mantle of “A Christmas Carol” but alas, the corporations have no feelings as we have seen.

Jason Easley- Nice.
It is almost impossible for a truly organic grassroots movement to penetrate and change political discourse in this country, but that is exactly what OWS has done. Occupy Wall Street, the 99%, and the 1% have become household words thanks to this movement.

Paul Yeager- Nice! Nice! Nice! The countless Americans who have participated in Occupy protests from coast-to-coast in cities, small communities, universities, parks, streets, and bridges have raised awareness of the one of the most important issues of our day: the growing wealth disparity between the rich and poor in this country and the possible loss of the middle class. We all owe them our gratitude.

Cassandra Vert- Nice. Being a progressive in this century often means being misunderstood, both because listeners are being deliberately confused and because that Overton Window has been pushed so far to the right. Yet the basic progressive value of fairness cannot be completely snuffed out of humanity. It will resurface even when its proponents don’t know quite how to express it. It came out for a test run in the Midwest last winter, and it came out with tents this fall. OWS has to be nice because even in inchoate form, it promoted basic fairness. There is no platform that can be nitpicked, no leader whose background can be smeared, just people around the world whose highest priority is a better world than the one we’ve got—and we are not going away.

Rmuse- Nice. The Occupy movement deserves praise for awakening Americans out of their long slumber that allowed conservatives to hand government over to corporations and Wall Street. Their message is often lost in rhetoric and police violence against them, but Americans have realized that Occupiers primary goal is for government to work for all Americans and not just the wealthy elite. This true grassroots movement deserves a Christmas full of joy for being, arguably, true American heroes and patriots.

Sarah Jones- Oh so naughty makes them perfectly nice.
By being naughty enough to be heard around the world, OWS is changing the economic dialogue. Ms Claus gives them a stocking of treats for their hard work.

Santa Says:
More consensus from our Santas, as OWS will be rewarded this Christmas morning.

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