The 2011 Political Naughty Or Nice List: Newt Gingrich

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As Santa has made his list and checked it twice, and PoliticusUSA is doing the same. Find out who has been naughty and nice in the world of politics. Next up, Newt Gingrich.

Newt Gingrich

Hrafnkell Haraldsson- Naughty.
Newt loves himself more than he loves anything else and he had affairs not out of love of country but love of self, and he will continually put self above country as demonstrated by his pandering to religious extremists.

Adalia Woodbury- Naughty. After he suggested that poor children could be taught a work ethic as janitors in their schools, Santa decided that Newt needs a reality check. Therefore, aside from his lump of coal (and no it will not be coated in gold from Tiffany’s) Newt will be made a janitor at a school in one of those very poor neighborhoods he spoke of.

Ray Medeiros Jr. – A nice for nice- Newt Gingrich for making Obama more electable.

Janine Wallace – COAL.
’nuff said

Jason Easley- Naughty. Gingrich is the king of the red meat applause line. His willingness to appeal to any GOP primary voter with empty headed red meat while hiding his gibberish behind language that sounds intellectual unless you listen and think makes him the face of the modern Republican Party.

Paul Yeager- Naughty.
Newt would be nice–like Tiffany jewelry nice–if he could win the Republican Presidential nomination since he would be an easy opponent for Obama; however, since that’s seemingly more and more unlikely, he’s just a naughty Republican who is nearly 20-years removed from being an important political figure. In other words, he’s like Sarah Palin in 15 years.

Cassandra Vert- NAUGHTY.
Who, oh who, will speak for aging racist white guys? For patronage? Is there no one who will stand up for the grand tradition of noblesse oblige? Ok, maybe it’s not a tradition in this country, but if you think it should be—or if your memory has been reprogrammed to think it is—then Newt’s your guy. Of all the GOP candidates, he is the boldest in continuing the real GOP tradition of telling people that a) selfishness is virtuous; b) we should divide into factions and hate each other, and c) party agenda items will solve whatever their problems happen to be. Education underfunded? School vouchers! Kids in poverty? Repeal child labor laws! Unemployment? Bust the unions! Newt holds out a picture of a sugar-frosted Currier and Ives world and promises that the Dickensian flip side will never happen to you if you are worthy. His ascendance tells you a lot about the state of the media. They can break candidates for sex scandals, brain farts, looking goofy, being boring, even for saying something surprisingly sensible, but they won’t challenge a guy who looks America in the eye and says that homeowners caused the recession and unions caused unemployment. The devil is not a giant monster of doom. The devil is a little voice in your ear whispering that you deserve more because of what you are, not what you have earned, and right now, it is speaking loudly through Newt Gingrich.

Rmuse- Naughty. Gingrich is a charlatan and his arrogant, self-aggrandizing behavior warrants him a lump of coal in his stocking. His flippant attitude regarding his adulterous lifestyle, although despicable, represents his true character that is no better than any of the other Republicans seeking the nomination for president. It is telling that a man shamed out of office for ethics violations has no problems showing his face when he should be hiding in humiliation. Like Boehner and Romney, a two-faced Republican and enemy of America.

Sarah Jones- Naughty for reasons too numerous to list. Suffice it to say, Ms Claus thinks Newt has stolen enough joy from others to deserve eternal coal.

Santa Says: Newt hasn’t moved off the Naughty list since 1994, so Santa isn’t shocked that Gingrich will have more coal to add to his collection.

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