The 2011 Political Naughty Or Nice List: Harry Reid

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Harry Reid

Hrafnkell Haraldsson- Nice. Harry Reid has stood up for the American people by opposing Tea Party extremism – and we can’t forget that he kept that lunatic Sharron Angle out of Congress. For that alone, he rates a “Nice”

Adalia Woodbury- Nice.
Harry has his hands full with Republicans who filibuster at literally every opportunity. Santa would love to give Harry a change in the Senate’s filibuster rules. But Santa will be getting help from a new Senator: Elizabeth Warren.

Ray Medeiros Jr. – A Nice for Harry Reid for being able to accomplish SOMETHING when 60 votes are needs to go to the bathroom.

Janine Wallace- Nice. Harry should have presents in his stocking and use his powers only for good

Jason Easley- Nice. Reid constant political calculations are willingness to cut a deal can be endlessly frustrating, but he is the sole reason that the Senate doesn’t behave like the House.

Paul Yeager- Naughty.
Harry Reid is no Nancy Pelosi. Just like the Democratic Party as a whole, Harry has not done enough when more is needed of Democratic leaders. He did hold strong against Boehner’s power play on the recently passed tax extension for the middle class, though, so Santa might have to move into the nice list for 2012–if he keeps it up. Did I mention that he’s no Nancy Pelosi?

Rmuse- Nice.
Senator Reid deserves the greatest joy for his quiet manner and fierce defense of Americans who are not wealthy. Reid’s quiet confidence and resolve are the antithesis of Republican bluster and deceit. Reid, like President Obama, demonstrates intelligence and fortitude that are the measure of great leaders.

Sarah Jones- Hmmmm. Nice,
Ms Claus said tentatively. Harry deserves treats for political skill but Ms Claus wouldn’t want to run afoul of Mr. Reid in a dark alley.

Santa Says: Harry Reid’s intentions get him on the Nice list, but his tactics are very naughty.

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