The 2011 Political Naughty Or Nice List: Rupert Murdoch

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Rupert Murdoch (Fox News)

Hrafnkell Haraldsson- Naughty. Rupert Murdoch redefined naughty with his activities this year violating the privacy of individuals for economic gain. If there is a nothing of the year, Murdoch is a serious candidate.
Adalia Woodbury- Naughty. Rupert’s naughty deeds include but are not limited to the eavesdropping scandal in the U.K., scamming Charlotte Church into performing sans fee at his wedding, ( ) His media empire is, in reality, the p.r. arm of the Republican party, masquerading as news. Then there was the propaganda attacks on Occupy Wallstreet. Needless to say, Rupert Murdoch will be getting a 99 carat lump of coal in his stocking to symbolize the 99% of Americans.

Ray Medeiros Jr. – Naughty
for Rupert Murdoch (see Fox News)

Janine Wallace – A COAL MINE. Murdoch and his cronies are all that is on the media bad list this and every year. Manipulative, deceitful and downright evil.

Jason Easley- Murdoch is the face of Naughty. His media machine is nothing more than a right wing propaganda dissemination system. No one has done more damage to America’s intellect and basic knowledge of current events than Rupert Murdoch. All of this and I haven’t even mentioned the phone hacking scandal.

Paul Yeager- Naughty, but he probably likes the coal in his stocking–it’s a fossil fuel, you know.

Cassandra Vert- NAUGHTY. It’s been a big year for the man responsible for this year’s hit reality series, The Republican Debates, and the chickens are coming home to roost. Murdoch’s family is a mess, and his empire is hanging by the thin lifeline of a man past his 80th birthday. A lengthy magazine bio on Roger Ailes exposed the darker side of Fox News (I know, pretend that’s not redundant) and turmoil within the Murdoch family—not least over Ailes himself. Then of course the big bomb—the phone hacking and bribery scandal—upended the second (non-family) tier of leadership on the newspaper side, thwarted Murdoch’s plan to complete his ownership of British Sky Broadcasting (and probably turn it into Fox-on-Thames – dodged a bullet there, UK) and put son James out of the running to take over the family business. Son Lachlan had already been dismissed as a possible successor. Daughters Prudence and Elisabeth don’t seem to have been considered, nor has third wife Wendy, who is already running part of the empire and has proven herself Not Someone To Cross. Then there are the trust funds set up to amplify family differences after Rupert’s death. All of which means that the king of scandal sheets is becoming as big and messy a tabloid story as any his papers reported on and poised to be that way for years. Ah, sweet karma.

Rmuse- Naughty. Murdoch is a bad man. He has spread his venom throughout the journalistic world and bears as much responsibility as Republicans for destroying the world’s economy and continuing to promote the policies that will certainly lead to another financial meltdown. The frightening aspect to Murdoch is that he is a true believer and not just pandering for campaign cash like Republicans. The man will go down in history as an anti-American operative who, with Roger Ailes and neo-conservatives, single-handedly tricked half of America to participate in the country’s demise.

Sarah Jones- Nice. Ms. Claus wants to reward Rupert for allowing Fox News to ruin the Republican Party, although points are mitigated by his allowing Fox News to ruin the country while he was at it.

Santa Says: Murdoch is so Naughty around the work shop we refer to Fox News as Naughty List TV.


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