The 2011 Political Naughty Or Nice List: The Democratic Party

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As Santa has made his list and checked it twice, and PoliticusUSA is doing the same. Find out who has been naughty and nice in the world of politics. Next up, the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party

Hrafnkell Haraldsson- Nice. I have mixed feelings about the Democratic Party. The Democrats are not entirely pure themselves, many having caved in to conservative positions, stalling the closure of Gitmo, and through other actions (or lack thereof).

Adalia Woodbury- Nice. The Democratic Party continues to be comprised of a vast variety of people with a variety of views and deeds. Overall, the Democratic Party represents the interests of the 99% of Americans that Republican Party shuns. Santa is sending the Democratic Party a carton of pacifiers to calm the more excitable Republicans the next time something doesn’t go their way.

Ray Medeiros Jr. – Naughty
to the Democratic Party for allowing to pushed around by a small sect of the right wing ideologues.

Janine Wallace-
The Dems should get both coal and a wee bit of a treat and that treat should be in the form of a doctor that will give them complimentary spine implants.

Jason Easley- The Democratic Party has a nice core, but between an opposition that is completely insane and members of the party who will sell out the president at the drop of hat, it can be tough to remember how powerful the Democrats can be when they act as a unified force.

Paul Yeager- Naughty.
The Democrats are like that attractive, well-mannered, and wealthy potential girlfriend or boyfriend that we know we should like but, for some reason, don’t. The Dems talk a good game, and while they’ve started to show some sign of standing up for American people in recent months, they’ve compromised too often, given away too much, and done too little to combat the portion of the Republican right that has dominated the discourse in this country.

Rmuse- Nice. Overall, Democrats have fought for the American people against a force unlike any in our history. They have stood up to Republicans whose sole purpose is to prevent prosperity for the American people and in particular, the never-ending attacks on women’s rights. They deserve joy in this season and the gratitude of the people for being the last line of defense against an anti-female and anti-gay theocracy, and for preventing Republicans from allowing a corporate takeover of the government.

Sarah Jones- Naughty but in a good way.
The Democrats show signs of life regarding media messaging and let’s face it, Ms Claus has them to thank for the elves not reporting on each other for possible illegal miscarriages and deportation as you know the elves frequently don’t have their papers with them in Santa’s workshop. In the battle against the Grinch, the Democrats come out deserving joy.

Santa Says:
The Democratic Party barely makes it on to the Nice list, but they had better shape up before Christmas 2012.


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