The 2011 Political Naughty Or Nice List: John Boehner

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As Santa has made his list and checked it twice, and PoliticusUSA is doing the same. Find out who has been naughty and nice in the world of politics. Next up, John Boehner.

John Boehner

Hrafnkell Haraldsson- Naughty, for a complete failure of leadership, for continually allowing himself to be held hostage by Tea Party extremists in the House of Representatives, and for admitting that the Republican agenda is contrary to the needs and desires of the American people.

Adalia Woodbury- Naughty: Johnny was very naughty this year. The list of his misdeeds is so long it extends beyond the North Pole. Johtnny’s focus throughout the year was on one word: No. No to job creation. No to the unemployed. No to anything that would be good for most Americans. His single worst (and dumbest) no was to extending the payroll tax break to everyone who works for a living. He eventually said yes to a two month extension of the payroll tax cut after the President put his foot down. He always said yes to the lawless market. Mr. Speaker, Santa is giving you a trickle down lump of coal to go with your bumper stick: Republicans for a lawless market.

Ray Medeiros Jr.- Naughty. John Boehner for lacking a spine in standing up against Eric Cantor and the tea party radicals.

Janine Wallace - Deserves coal in his stocking as the tanning he applies has clearly poisoned his head. When he sees the coal in his stalking I’m certain he’ll cry cry cry all the way to his corporate overlords.

Jason Easley- Naughty
. For constantly cutting deals and writing checks that his political capital can’t cash, John Boehner has been very naughty. In the House the majority rules, but if the Speaker can’t control the majority, the House descends into chaos. Thanks to Boehner ‘s constant need to pander to the tea party caucus, the House is completely paralyzed and inept. John Boehner’s a fine example of how incompetence can make you naughty.

Paul Yeager- Nice. While the obvious answer is that he’s been a very naughty orange American because he’s an obstructionist who only seems to like millionaires and fetuses, it’s nice for Democrats that he’s an obstructionist who only li0kes millionaires and fetuses. Why? Because he provides such a great contrast between irrational right-wing Republicans and Democrats heading into an election year. It’s a shame that he’s only serving the good of Democratic political hopefuls and not the American people.

Rmuse- Naughty. The House Speaker’s hypocrisy and cavalier attitude at causing damage to the American people to protect the wealthy and corporations personifies the Republican Party. Boehner’s two worst offenses are proposing spending cuts that kill millions of jobs and blocking job creation, and assaulting women from the beginning of the 112th Congress. Boehner is ineffective at controlling the extremists in his caucus and has presided over the most anti-women’s rights Congress in recent memory. Perhaps most of all, John Boehner deserves scorn and disdain for pushing America toward a theocracy by legislating biblical edicts on Americans.

Sarah Jones- A pity nice.
Poor John Beohner is so inept that he may have single-handedly handed Obama and the Dems 2012. Ms Claus has to reward him for scoring a goal for the people’s team by leaving him a few drinks in his stocking to drown the pain.

Santa Says: I have mixed feelings towards Speaker Boehner, but pity and scorn do not make for a long political career. John Boehner has been naughty.

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