Keith Olbermann Blasts Lowe’s Latest Excuse for Their Islamophobia

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On Countdown Keith Olbermann blasted Lowe’s for their claim that the FFA had nothing to do with the decision to pull their ads from TLC’s All American Muslim.

Here is the video from Current:

According to The Charlotte Observer,

“The decision was absolutely not, despite what’s been reported in the media, influenced by any one group,” said Lowe’s vice president of marketing, Tom Lamb. He said that the decision to stop advertising on the show had been made before the FFA emailed Lowe’s CEO Robert Niblock.

On the morning of Monday, Dec. 5, Ahearn said that a member of the Lowe’s social media team alerted management to negative chatter about the show that was appearing on social networks. The decision to pull the ads was made shortly afterward, Ahearn said, and communicated to TLC through the company’s ad-buying agency.

Olbermann said, “Just when you thought company’s cave in to Islamophobic pressure groups might fade away. Mr. Niblock’s people have now changed their story. For sixteen days, Lowe’s has said nothing to contradict the claim by the Islamophobic group Florida Family Association that it got Lowe’s to its ads from the TLC show “All American Muslim.” Now, it says Florida Family Association had nothing to do with it.”

Later Olbermann clarified Lowe’s latest excuse, “So Lowe’s says it wasn’t the FFA’s Islamophobia that convinced it to pull out of “All American Muslim.” It was the general Islamophobia on Facebook and Twitter and such. Not only is Lowe’s claim a new one, but get this, the spokeswoman also says Lowe’s changes its ad lineup dozens of times each year, and as many as eight to ten times each year, it will pull ads from shows that are controversial. Really? So what other hate groups has Lowe’s caved in to?”

Lowe’s also denied a request from 200,000 petitioners that they reinstate their advertising. I don’t see how the revised position of Lowe’s is any better than the original belief that they caved to a hate group. What they are saying is that instead of caving to just one hate group, they caved to the broader right wing hatred of Muslims.

Olbermann has been keeping the heat on Lowe’s every night on his program, and his mocking is well deserved. The Countdown host asked a valid question. How many hate groups has Lowe’s caved to? Is this standard company policy?

It seems that someone needs to explain to Lowe’s that caving to any group of any size is not good for business, and there is only one way to make them understand. The only upside to Lowe’s horrid decision for our society is that it has brought Christians, Muslims, and Jews together to protest the hate.

I’ll bet the Florida Family Association never saw that one coming.

Image: Veterans Today

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