Tea Party Cannibals Throw The GOP Into Crisis Over The Payroll Tax Cut

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Thirty nine Republican senators voted on a two month extension of the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance as well as the “doc fix”. They did this because they know it will take longer than a week to hash out the differences on a longer one year deal. This seems rational, especially knowing that you need 60 votes to get anything done in the Senate.

The Senate voted on the Republican led House bill and amended it due to differences on just about everything. They amended it and shortened it to a two month extension. The Senate then sent it to the back to the House to be voted on. This is where the infighting becomes relevant.

Once the bill came back to the House, the Republicans could have easily voted for it. Instead they decided not to bring it to the floor, but send it to conference.

The Republicans in the Senate are now shocked! This isn’t a controversial bill, like the NDAA or even an entire year’s budget. This is a simple two month bridge to get us over the holiday hump.

These same Republicans have voted continually to patch the entire budget federal budget and many of these same Republicans voted in favor of spending big dollars to bail out the banks on Wall St. Yet when it comes to bridging a gap for middle class families and the unemployed, the Republicans kick them in the teeth.

I think the fact that House Republicans and Senate Republicans are fighting among themselves shows just how extremist the tea party caucus is in the House of Representatives.

Senator Scott Brown said the Republicans in the House are acting “irresponsible and wrong.”

Republican Senator Dean Heller said, “There is no reason to hold up the short-term extension.”

Republican Senator Snowe stated, “I spoke out against this unprecedented two-month policymaking experiment on Saturday. That said, there wasn’t an indication that the House would be in disagreement with the Senate’s action. Nonetheless, what is paramount at this point is that this tax benefit for hardworking Americans not be allowed to lapse.”

Again, the infighting shows that the Republican Party is in disarray with these radical extremists and ideologues in the Tea Party.

As a reminder, Speaker Boehner literally cried. He wept on the floor of the House urging his colleagues to bail out Wall Street.

Here is the video :

Yet as 160 million Americans are going to see a tax hike and millions of Americans will no longer get unemployment benefits, Speaker Boehner and the House GOP are willing to grab you and kick you right in the stomach.

Image: The Great American Disconnect

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