House GOP To Raise Taxes On The Middle Class Then Head Home For Christmas

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Not only will House Republicans not vote on the Senate passed payroll tax cut extension, but they will be going home for Christmas after they raise taxes on 160 million Americans.

Last night, Speaker John Boehner said, “Our members do not want to just punt and do a two-month short-term fix where we have to come back and do this again. We’re here. We’re willing to work. We will appoint conferees and we hope the Senate will appoint conferees because we’re willing to get the work done now and do it the right way.”

Apparently, this willingness to work does not apply to Christmas. Roll Call is reporting,

House Republicans are planning to leave for the Christmas holiday Tuesday afternoon after voting on a Senate proposal for a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut.


GOP members argue that they are not needed while conferees meet and are only needed when another House vote is required before the current payroll tax cut expires on Jan. 1.

“I’ll stay if they want us to stay, just say the word,” Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) said. “I am not going to stay just to talk to [the press].”

Nancy Pelosi summed up the real House Republican motives, “The reason the Republicans are not taking yes for an answer is because no is their answer. No, to the payroll tax cut. And that is driven, again, by the Tea Party Republicans, who will be responsible for this tax increase—if it happens, which I hope it won’t.”

Later she said, “So why is it, why is it that a couple hundred people in the Republican Caucus, and I think it’s probably a smaller number than that can hold up a tax cut for middle-income people, proper access to Medicare for 48 million seniors and unemployment insurance for American workers. It’s because they do not support the payroll tax cut. Mr. Hoyer referenced their early remark. They were against it. President Obama went around the country with the American Jobs Act. It was one of the most popular features of it. It made the issue too hot for the Republicans to handle—too hot that they can’t put it on the floor, afraid that their own Members will abandon them.”

Eric Cantor’s office is claiming that nothing has been decided yet, but members of the House GOP caucus are telling people that they will be going home for Christmas today. House leadership doesn’t want it to look like they are raising taxes on the middle class and running out of town, but that is exactly what they are doing.

It is unbelievable that that the House Republican leadership is continuing to play this game. Boehner and Cantor are upping the ante. They are going to appoint conferees, and then claim that they are ready to work, but Democrats won’t work with them. That is going to be the talking point that House Republicans are going to repeat again, and again, and again this holiday season.

Just like every other Republican promise, their commitment to work through the holidays on a one year payroll tax extension was an empty on. It is almost like the Republican Party is trying to lose their majority in the House. They are doing everything that they can think of to get the American electorate to despise them.

Merry Christmas, America. By not voting on the extension, the Republican Party just raised your taxes.

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