Sarah Palin Heads to Fox to Play Pseudo 2012 Candidate and Concern Troll

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Sarah Palin was on Fox Business tonight, talking up the Tebow, the Lord and sporting a super large cross. Yes, she’s a courtin’ the base.

Palin got in the requisite digs at Obama, laughing and claiming he is unaware that “grace runs downhill to the humble.” She concerned trolled about how government doesn’t work and needs to get out of the way, and plugged her alleged energy knowledge as a way for America to be independent.

Then, coyly playing the role of possible 2012 candidate, this: “It’s not too late for folks to jump in,” Palin threatened on Fox tonight. “Who knows what will happen in the future.”

Ah, hello, Ms. Coy! For years Palin has been suggesting that she was waiting for “that right constitutional conservative candidate” to materialize (read: Tea Party, anti-constitution, pro-theocracy candidate). Palin has made overtures toward supporting either Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum in the past, and I sensed a real love for the 9-9-9 before he got tossed to the cruel liberal lions of reality.

After Herman Cain fell from grace, Palin supporters begged her to jump in and save the country.

Watching the last “conservative” Great Hope going down in flames as Herman Cain reassesses his campaign approach, Conservatives for Palin see an opening for the Mama Grizzly. Yes, only she can save America from the evil socialist, even though she was the most socialist governor in America during her brief tenure as Governor of Alaska.

And while that may have seem far-fetched, a week ago, I wrote an article explaining that due to the new rules in the Republican primary process, the field is wide open for a late starter. In fact, given the way conservatives were running through candidates it was looking more and more possible. At the time, Newt was ridding high, but the bloom is fading off of that Tiffany rose.

Iowa looms just weeks away and the conservative base is still searching for The One. Who could possibly jump in at this late stage? They would have to be a national figure with the ability to raise a lot of money quickly. Someone with a lot of charisma. Someone like Sarah Palin.

Factoring in her families’ recent spate of reality TV shows failures, a rather desperate Palin just might make a show at running. Remember, the Republican way is to make a fake play as a candidate, write a book, get a Fox contract, and get rich.

If it’s the work you’re worried about, did you see Palin doing a lot of work in 2008? She couldn’t even remember Biden’s last name during the vice presidential debate and had to resort to calling him Joe lest she call him “Senator O’Biden.” I think we can cross “too lazy to run” off the list of reasons why this won’t happen.

Sarah Palin is not relevant politically and until she makes herself so again, the seemingly endless ways of grifting off of the evangelical base will continue to dry up. When you’re too busted to get your hubby a reality TV show even when your state offers to pay for a large percentage of it, what’s a wily woman to do? Why, play concern troll on Fox and flirt with a desperate conservative base.

If she wanted to, Palin could jump in and wreak real havoc on the Republican Party and position herself to make a lot of cash even with a failed pseudo run.

Do you think she has the guts to do it or is she just trying to insert herself into the limelight playing concern troll from her Fox bunker?

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