Support For Renominating Obama Reaches An All Time High

Dec 19 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

The narrative that Obama is losing the base was debunked by a new CNN poll which found that support for the renomination of the president has tied an all-time high.

The CNN poll found that overall 81% of those surveyed thought that the Democratic Party should nominate Obama again. Only 18% of respondents thought that the Democratic Party should go with a different candidate. Eighty one percent of both Democratic men and women support Obama running for a second term as the Democratic nominee. Non-white Democrats (84%) supported the president more than white Democrats (78%).

Those under age 50 supported the renomination of Obama (83%) a bit more than those over 50 (78%). Democrats making less than $50,000 a year support renominating Obama five points less (78%) than those who earn over $50,000 a year (83%). Despite the claims by some who believe that Obama is too moderate, more liberals than moderates believe that he should be nominated again, (91%-76%). By a margin of 84%-16% Democrats believed that Obama should be the Democratic nominee in 2012. Independents also think that Obama should again be at the top of the Democratic ticket, (75%-23%).

This poll makes it difficult to make the argument that Obama is losing the Democratic base, when 84% of Democrats support nominating the president again. Overall support for his renomination has jumped nine points in the past month (72%-81%), and tied the high that the president reached in June and October of 2011. The lowest support for Obama’s renomination was 70% in August 2011.

It is possible that with the Republican nominating process in full swing, Democrats are starting to come home and rally around their president. Another explanation could be that Obama’s consistent focus on jobs and the economy is appealing to the base. What polls such as this one reveal most often is that the loudest critics of President Obama on the left represent only a tiny portion of the overall membership of the Democratic Party.

It is a pretty safe bet that the base is starting to come home. One of the fascinating elements of this poll is that Obama continues to have lower numbers with white Democrats. It isn’t a coincidence that the most vocal voices on the left who are most consistently critical of this president also happen to be white. (These are the same folks who are more likely to be led astray by propaganda and misinformation).

While the left wing Internet chorus of Obama disgruntlement will continue to sing its song, remember that they don’t represent the majority. As this poll demonstrates, most Democrats are moving away from, not towards, those progressives who hold anti-Obama views.

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