Watch John Boehner’s Near Melt Down At The The Thought Of Obama Success

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John Boehner nearly has a nervous breakdown on Meet The Press when he was confronted with the prospect that the economy is improving and Obama will get credit.

Here’s the video from NBC News:

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Gregory: Let’s talk about the economy overall, and unemployment around the country, and in your own state of Ohio. Friday, job numbers were out showing that the unemployment rate in Ohio down to 8.5%. Down from 9% in October. It’s the largest one-month drop since 1983. Unemployment nationally is down from where it was two years ago. Do you think the president’s policies deserve credit?

Boehner: I don’t think the president’s policies have anything to do with this, and the fact is, the reason these numbers are coming down is that more people are leaving the workforce, leaving the search for a job, and as a result, you’ve got less people in the labor pool. And so, you asked Americans how they feel about the economy, and they’re going to look at you and say, where are the jobs?

Gregory: But you don’t see a positive trend here, not even in your own state?

Boehner: I think that the economy’s bubbling along, and while some job growth certainly is welcomed, the fact of the matter is, is the president’s policies continue to hold back our economy.

Gregory: But if you see —

Boehner: All the regulations, no action on the debt, the stimulus didn’t work. Washington could do more. Mostly, it’s get out of the way.

Gregory: But if you see unemployment continue in a trend downward, that jobless rate, if it continues to go down, you don’t think it will be more difficult for Republicans to make the case on the economy against this president?

Boehner: Well, listen, I think the next election is going to be a referendum on the economy, and the president’s policies regarding the economy, and if, in fact, that’s the case, I think the president has a tough road ahead of him.

I doubt that Boehner even heard David Gregory’s last question about it being tough for Republicans to make the case against Obama if unemployment keeps dropping. Confronted with a rare dose of reality, Boehner looked downward, and immediately tried to find his happy place of Obama failure. Republicans know that if unemployment continues to drop ahead of the 2012 election, they will have no chance of beating Obama.

In order to keep hope alive that their three year plan of keeping as many Americans unemployed and in misery is working, Boehner had to get delusional. First, he claimed that unemployment isn’t really falling. Then he conceded that unemployment is falling, but Obama deserved no credit. Then he claimed that even if things are getting better, Republicans are going to argue against policies that worked.

Boehner also shrugged off Congress’ 9% approval rating, and the fact that only 7% of Americans trust Congress.

The most interesting thing about Boehner’s response is that it illustrates how far Republicans are willing to go to remain in denial. It doesn’t matter what Obama does, they are going to argue that he has failed. If this is the mindset during the 2012 campaign against Obama, the GOP will not only look insane to most voters, but they will make it a certainty that Obama gets reelected.

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