Obama Puts America’s Warmongers Back In Their Place By Ending The Iraq War

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For most countries in the world, ending a war and bringing home brave men and women of the military is a cause for celebration. The end of the Iraq war is welcomed by most Americans because of the cost in lives and resources that should never have occurred in the first place and went on far too long. There are some Americans though, who lament the end of killing and maiming Iraqis and Americans alike, and if they had their way, America’s military would stay in Iraq for eternity regardless the cost and drain on the economy. It is not worth spending time regurgitating why the war was unnecessary or the travesty that Bush-Republicans borrowed trillions to kill innocent Muslims, because it has been discussed at length for the past 8-and-a-half years. Instead, Americans should be joyous that our brave soldiers are coming home and America is involved in one less war. However, not all Americans are pleased the Iraq war is over and as usual, it is Republicans who are disappointed that our soldiers are out of harm’s way and the needless, protracted war is finally over.

The end of American troop presence in Iraq is attributable to a “free and democratic” Iraq and an agreement between the Bush administration and the Iraqi government. In the ever-changing reason for invading Iraq, the final determination by the Bush warmongers was that Americans were dying in Iraq to install a democracy where the Iraqi people decided for themselves the fate of their country. Their decision was that, on the predetermined date, American troops had to leave Iraq. Republicans fail to recognize that a democratic president does not renege on an agreement like Republicans and instead, followed the timeline for withdrawal as per negotiations between the Bush administration and Iraq’s democratically elected leaders. In effect, Iraq’s leaders kicked America out of their sovereign nation and Republicans want to stay and kill more Muslims.

The American people have expressed their desire to end America’s involvement in Iraq for years, and yet, two Republicans in particular felt the need to criticize President Obama for following the will of the people, keep his campaign promise, and fulfill the agreement with Iraq’s government. It will come as little surprise that one of the most vocal critics of the end of the war is John McCain. McCain, a failed pilot and warmonger assailed President Obama for not re-conquering Iraq and making it a satellite state in the region by ignoring Iraq’s leadership and Bush’s agreement to withdraw all troops. McCain felt America’s military should maintain a presence in Iraq for a hundred years. McCain said, “It is clear that this decision of a complete pullout of United States troops from Iraq was dictated by politics, and not our national security interests. I believe history will judge this president’s leadership with the scorn and disdain it deserves.” No, history will judge this president as following the will of the American people, Bush’s agreement with Iraq’s government, and his belief that a sovereign democratic nation has the right to dictate that a foreign invading army leaves their country. McCain was not alone in criticizing President Obama for honoring Bush’s agreement with Iraq.

Willard Romney decided that President Obama should be criticized for announcing the withdrawal of virtually all U.S. troops from Iraq by the end of the year, back in October, decrying it as a “sudden change of policy.” Last Friday, Romney assailed the President for honoring Bush’s agreement as a “naked political calculation.” Romney continued that, “I believe that you listen to the commanders on the ground and understand from them what the timetable is to transition entirely to the Iraqi military.” Good point Willard, except that the commanders on the ground are not democratically elected leaders of the Iraqi people. Romney’s wish to keep American soldiers in Iraq for an indeterminate number of years is not surprising; his foreign policy team is packed with the former Bush cronies who pushed for the invasion of Iraq in the first place. Romney is no better than the warmonger McCain and fails to recognize that a Democratic president honors America’s agreements. They also fail to understand that Iraq is a free and democratic sovereign nation that told America to leave by December 31, 2011; the date negotiated between Bush and Iraq’s democratic government.

Romney and McCain display the mindset of a rapist who negotiates for sex with a woman, and when she says no, they decide unilaterally that no is not acceptable and get miffed that they cannot rape them again and again. America raped Iraq for no apparent reason and when the leadership negotiated a timely withdrawal, men like McCain and Romney are furious they cannot rape the country some more after the Iraqi’s plainly said, “no, get out.” But that is the problem with rapists, they cannot and will not tolerate anyone telling them no; for Republicans, no is not an option where war against Muslims is concerned.

President Obama did not negotiate the timetable for withdrawing troops from Iraq, but he did honor the agreement. In the process, he also fulfilled a campaign promise and followed the will of the people who overwhelmingly support bringing the troops home. It is apparent that Romney and McCain are livid the president honored Bush’s agreement because they have no comprehension of honoring an agreement, fulfilling a campaign pledge, or following the will of the people. Most of all, they love sending our brave soldiers to foreign countries to kill Muslims, get maimed, and die for the military industrial complex and the oil industry. McCain and Romney disrespect our soldiers sacrifice by claiming, in one breath, to support a free and democratic Iraq and yet insist on imposing their will on a sovereign nation after promising to abide by an agreement to leave.

Romney has never served in the military, a combat zone, and has no comprehension of the horrors of war. His only knowledge of the Iraq war comes from his advisors who deceived the nation into invading the sovereign nation for no reason, and it informs why Romney is so excited at the prospect of starting a war with Iran. Perhaps Willard will lead the way and walk into Tehran with an assault rifle and tell Iran’s leaders he is there to start the next war America cannot afford. McCain is just an angry warmonger who is not happy unless American soldiers are dying for no reason other than his love of war. If McCain were a war-hero (he is not), he would not be so quick to send Americans to kill Muslims and die in a foreign land just to enrich the oil industry and the military industrial complex. Both Romney and McCain are pitiful excuses as Americans who truly believe that unless America is involved in multiple theatres of war, the world is askew. However, the American people are weary of war and think our resources are better spent on this country and its people than buying bombs and bullets to kill innocent Muslims in their sovereign nations.

The president, like our brave soldiers, deserves praise for meeting America’s commitment of withdrawing the troops from Iraq according to Bush’s agreement, and finally ending the nightmare that has proved so costly in American lives and resources. Americans must be ashamed though, that they let Bush talk them into invading the only nation that kept Iran in check and in the process, killed hundreds-of-thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians for oil and so Bush could call himself a wartime president. For Romney and McCain, they deserve nothing short of abject disgust for their willingness to send Americans to their death and for pushing to dishonor an agreement with a free and democratic sovereign nation.

Negotiations took place and Iraq said no; but like rapists, Romney and McCain will not accept or understand the meaning of the word no so they take the only course available when they don’t get their way; they criticize the President. This time though, they are on the wrong side of the American people who can be proud of President Obama for honoring an American agreement; it is what Democratic presidents do.

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