Outed Anti-Gay Mayor Just Another GOPer On The Down-Low

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What do you get when you mix a conservative Republican mayor who ran on family values for congress with a $170,000.00 misuse of funds investigation? You get a gay family values conservative Republican, also known as a GOP (DL).

That is, someone who is anti-gay before he got busted spending the taxpayers’ money at gay porn stores.

Here he is saying he spent the money but he’ll pay it back:

Southaven Mayor Greg Davis Ordered to Repay over $170K: MyFoxMEMPHIS.com

Following a state audit, Southaven, Mississippi Mayor Greg Davis has 30 days to pay back the 170k, which he spent on things like family counseling, liquor and the gay porn store linked to above.

Listen to his confession here.

Davis said:

“At this point in my life and in my career, while I have tried to maintain separation between my personal and public life, it is obvious that this can no longer remain the case. While I have performed my job as mayor, in my opinion, as a very conservative, progressive individual and still continue to be a very conservative individual, I think that it is important that I discuss the struggles I have had over the last few years when I came to the realization that I am gay.”

But not to fear, he is your typical Republican in that he is not stepping down, but he is taking some time over the holidays to “spend time with his family.” He doesn’t think any of this, specifically the illegal use of taxpayer money, should interfere with his job as mayor. Hmmm.

Let’s hope he can repair the damage he’s inflicted on his family and while he’s healing, that he can take an honest assessment of his own positions regarding gay rights and what it means to have real “family values.” Mr. Davis might have apologized to his immediate family, but has he apologized to the gay community and more broadly, to everyone? For we are all denigrated and divided by the hateful tactics of the “family values” crowd toward the gay community.

Ironically, Davis only got busted after turning over the receipts in hopes of avoiding serious criminal charges. It’s hard to forgive the hatred and hypocrisy that such self-denial perpetrates, but we can hope that with each outed GOP (DL), a little compassion might grow. It must be awful to live a lie, but it’s also pretty awful that because of his choice, he denied others their rights and tried to shame them for having the courage to be honest.

This is a good time to remind everyone that studies demonstrate a correlation between homophobia and homosexual arousal, thus adding fuel to the often-uttered “he doth protest too much.”

Perhaps if there weren’t so many GOP (DL)s running around, our culture could get on with the business of moving forward and stop this crazy fear and hate game regarding the lgbt community. We certainly have better things to worry about right now than other people’s sexual lives, a sentiment I am sure Mr. Davis will finally concur with now that he finds his own the center of the story.

That is just one thing, of many, that I wish for this Christmas.

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