Sean Hannity Kills Brain Cells: It’s Cold In Iowa So There’s No Global Warming

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Fox News has used some ridiculous reasoning to claim there is no global warming but the topper came from Sean Hannity who claimed that since Iowa is cold in December, there is no climate change.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

On his radio show today, Hannity said, “Look Iowa is, and I love being back in Iowa, although I wish you guys could turn the temperature up a hair, cause it’s not this cold, and I come to Sioux City, Iowa and I am talking to the program director here at KSCJ and he’s telling me, you know we went 60 days in a row last year below zero, and I said there’s global warming for you. It’s working wonders in the state of Iowa.”

Sean Hannity was making the bogus argument that global warming equals warmer temperatures, so in Hannity Land the fact that Iowa is still cold in the winter proves that there is no global warming.

A 2010 report to the Iowa Governor and General Assembly found:

• A long-term upward trend in precipitation.
• An increase in extreme heavy precipitation in summer in the last 40 years, consistent with regional changes, and a shift in seasonal distribution: more precipitation now comes in the first half of the year, and less in the second half, and a larger precipitation increase in eastern Iowa than in Western Iowa.
• Long-term winter temperatures have increased six times more than summer temperatures.
• Nighttime temperatures have increased more than daytime temperatures since 1970.
• Since 1970, daily minimum temperatures have increased in summer and winter; daily maximum temperatures have risen in winter, but declined substantially in summer.

A 2004 projection of the impact of climate change on Iowa suggested that the impact will be felt more in summer, not winter, “These changes will dramatically affect what the climate will be like. By 2030, Iowa summers may resemble those of Kansas in terms of average temperature and rainfall. By the end of the century, Iowa’s summer climate will generally be more like that of current northwest Mississippi. Winters will also change, albeit less drastically. By century’s end, they may be similar to current-day northern Kansas.”

It must be pointed out for all those climate change deniers out there that weather is not climate. Weather patterns are dictated by climate, but climate change can’t be disproven because it is cold or snowing outside. Sean Hannity once again put his full ignorance and stupidity on display with his remarks about the temperature in Iowa.

Outright distortions such as the one that Sean Hannity pushed are one of the reasons why people who watch Fox News are less informed than those who watch no news at all.

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