Now Karl Rove Says Elizabeth Warren Too Close to Wall Street

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Republicans absolutely hate Elizabeth Warren. Not only is she gold for liberals and progressives, but she is kryptonite for conservatives and as Adalia Woodbury wrote here on December 9, they are terrified by her – look how she reduces Rush Limbaugh to a incoherent pile of Oxycontin-addicted, jiggling goo. If the #Occupy movement has a hero in 2012 it is not likely Obama, who at this point seems to many to be the best choice because there are no alternatives, but Warren, who has battle-tested Middle Class street cred. Heck, just a few weeks ago, at the same time her opponent Scott Brown was finding his donors on Wall Street, Karl Rove was attacking Elizabeth Warren for being too close to Occupy Wall Street, which was portrayed as a threat to American democracy.

You might have seen this ad:

Read it. These words are important as you will see in a moment:

“Fourteen million Americans out of work. But instead of focusing on jobs, Elizabeth Warren sides with extreme left protests.”

As Elizabeth Warren said, “This is an ad by the one percent, for the one percent.”

Despite all his underhanded efforts, his lies, his attempted swiftboating, despite all the money spent to discredit her ($600K for the above ad), Elizabeth Warren continues to surge ahead in the polls in Massachusetts, leading Scott Brown by 7 points. What’s a fervent Republican to do but reverse the story? Elizabeth Warren is close to OWS, so that didn’t work. What else to do but accuse her of the opposite?

Rove’s Crossroads GPS spent $524K on his Big Lie. Here it is:

Saying Warren is too close to Wall Street is rather like saying Rick Perry is too close to atheists, or Pat Robertson too close to Pagans. Of course, Elizabeth Warren had something to say about this ridiculous attack. I mean, how can she be a socialist whore if she is a backer of the Wall Street elite?

Speaking to Lawrence O’Donnell she said of Rove’s strategy:

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“Their strategy now is the kitchen sink strategy. Throw everything you can at her and let’s see what happens.

“Let’s keep in mind what was going on just a little over three years ago. Karl Rove was part of the inner circle while George W. Bush is telling Congress and the nation, `we’ve gotta bail out the big financial institutions.’ His Secretary of the Treasury is handing out money to the largest financial institutions — no strings attached. I go down to Washington and I’m calling them out for it. I’m calling them out on executive bonuses. I’m calling them out on the fact that they’re giving this money away, no strings attached. And I get attacked for it. Okay.

“Then we roll forward three years. Now Karl Rove takes money from Wall Street, in order to attack Elizabeth Warren for being cozy with Wall Street?

“This one just goes beyond anything I’ve ever imagined. I’m just amazed. It leaves you speechless.”

It does, doesn’t it? We don’t expect honesty from Rove – far from it. But this is an amazing flip-flop even for him in a period of just a month. How, we ask, can Warren be too close to Occupy Wall Street but ALSO too close to Wall Street when the two are diametrically opposed? Or are we to believe the protesters are actually Wall Street supporters? That might be next. Rove, the man with no moral compass, has already proven he will say anything at all for an advantage.

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