The Tea Party Is Newt Gingrich’s Newest Mistress

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Ok, this has got to be a joke. I thought the Tea Party was all about getting new blood into elected office. The tea party was brought into existence by the Wall Street bailouts and solidified in its stance against the “communist” individual mandate.

In this recent Fox News poll, Newt Gingrich has not only taken the lead over Romney, but Newt’s support among the Tea Party is at an astonishing 44%. Seriously, Newt back in 2008, right after the bailout according to ABC News’ Teddy Davis “Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich reversed course on Monday, issuing a statement saying that if he were still in office he would “reluctantly and sadly” support the $700 billion Wall Street bailout bill.”


We also know that Gingrich supported the individual mandate in the 1990s as an alternative to “HillaryCare” and in 2005 he said,

“If I see somebody who’s earning over $50,000 a year, who has made the calculated decision not to buy health insurance, I’m looking at somebody who is absolutely as irresponsible as anyone who was ever on welfare. Because what they’ve said is,

A, I’m gambling that I won’t get sick, and B, I’m gambling that if I do get sick, I can cheat all my neighbors.

Now, when you talk to hospitals, a very significant part of their non-collectibles are people who have money, but have calculated it’s not worth the cost to pay.

And so I’m actually in favor of finding a way to say, whatever the appropriate level of income is, you ought to have either health insurance, or you ought to post a bond. But we have no right in this society to have a free rider approach, if we’re well off economically, to cheat our neighbors.”

h/t David Weigel of the Slate

This shows that the Tea Party is either nothing more than the mask of the GOP base, perpetrated as a grassroots movement or it is completely ignorant of history, even recent history as early as 2005 and 2008.

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