Elizabeth Warren Has Both Befuddled And Terrified The GOP

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Elizabeth Warren is the sort of woman the GOP dreads.  Intelligent, effective, persistent and now she’s humiliating Scott Brown in the polls.  In a University of Massachusetts poll, Elizabeth Warren is ahead at 49% compared to Scott Brown’s 42%.

Let’s face it,  she’s everything the GOP despises.  She is well educated and a professor at an Ivy League School.  Elizabeth Warren is also an effective spokesperson for the middle class.



It begs the question: what bothers the Republicans more than an effective spokesperson for the middle class, then perhaps a women who is an effective spokesperson for the middle class?

I can’t help thinking that people like Karl Rove wonder why can’t Elizabeth Warren be more like Michele Bachmann?  You know, the partisan gaffe a minute type. The sort of woman who can be out debated by an eight year old.

Simply put: Elizabeth Warren is a woman who knows too much.  She knows too much about the policies that are detrimental to the economy, detrimental to the middle class.  She knows who benefits from the policies and she knows how to solve the problem.  She can cite facts and figures that put most Republicans to shame.  In short, Elizabeth Warren is a force to be reckoned with.

She is also an independent thinker.  Unlike Bachmann and for that matter, Palin, Elizabeth Warren has the integrity and audacity to call out the Democrats, such as the time she made Timothy Geitner squirm over the AIG and Goldman Sachs bailouts.

The Obama administration consulted with Warren to establish the Consumer Protection Agency.  The agency is an idea Warren has worked on for several years, as noted by Vanity Fair

A Harvard law professor, one of the nation’s leading bankruptcy experts and consumer advocates, the 62-year-old Warren had come up with the idea for the agency in 2007. She had advised the Obama administration on its creation in the aftermath of the 2008 financial collapse and helped to push it through Congress. Warren had also spent the last 10 months working tirelessly to build the agency from scratch—hiring its staff of 500, including Richard Cordray, organizing its management structure, and getting the C.F.P.B. up and running for its opening on July 21.

The GOP blocked her nomination to head the agency, and blocked the most recent nominee, Richard Corday, yesterday because the GOP opposes consumer protection.

In September, Warren launched her campaign for the Senate seat currently occupied by Scott Brown.  She continues to surge in the polls.

So what’s a Republican to do when they are behind in an election or in their latest policy intended to destroy the middle class?  Naturally, they bring on the attack ads.  It doesn’t matter whether the attack ad is true or not.  It doesn’t matter if it is in complete contradiction to their previous failed attack ad.  Desperate times call for desperate matters.

You may recall the GOP’s first attack ad against Elizabeth Warren, in which they portrayed her as someone in favor of the GOP’s perception of OWS.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj-T5SdSTBg )

Of course, OWS protests the corruption of Wall Street, the policies that brought about a recession and unprecedented levels of economic disparity. But hey, why let the truth get in the way of a good lie, right?  Well, except the lie didn’t work.

That ad worked so well, that they used Wall Street money to put together a second ad attacking Warren for allegedly being a friend of Wall Street.  In short, the Republicans are attempted to portray Warren as both anti-capitalist and pro-capitalist simultaneously.

See Warren’s response to the GOP’s latest attack during her interview with Lawrence O’Donnell on The Last Word:

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On The Last Word, Ms. Warren pointed out the hypocrisy of Karl Rove, “Now Karl Rove takes money from Wall Street in order to attack Elizabeth Warren for being cozy with Wall Street?”

Yes, that’s exactly what Karl Rove and the Republicans are doing. They’re taking money from Wall Street and using it to attack Elizabeth Warren as being cozy with Wall Street. Perhaps they think no one will knows how they voted or remembers the fall of 2008.

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