First She Got Owned By An 8 Year Old Now Michele Bachmann’s Book Has Bombed

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First Michele Bachmann got owned by an 8 year old, now comes the news that the Republican presidential candidate’s new book has sold only 3,000 copies in two weeks.

Minnesota Public Radio reported

Michele Bachmann’s weak poll numbers may be showing up in slow sales of her memoir, Core of Conviction. In the two weeks since the book was released, it’s sold just 3,000 copies despite a media blitz and numerous book-signing events by Bachmann.

Those numbers come from Nielsen BookScan, which gets the information directly from, Barnes & Noble and most other retailers. The company estimates its sales numbers capture 75 percent of the book market although it currently does not get information from discount retailers Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club.

Republicans have gamed the bestseller list for years. The way the scam works is that conservatives have had media outlets, lobbyists, and PACs buy bulk copies of the book to pad their sales numbers. For example, Sarah Palin’s America By Heart made # 2 on the New York Times bestseller list by, “having SarahPAC purchase $64,000 worth of her books. Oh but the Grifter in Chief was not satisfied with taking donations from her supporters and buying books, no the true genius was the twist that Palin has been trying to sell signed copies of the books back to her followers for $100 a pop.”

Top Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney made the bestseller list by,”declining speaking fees, and instead requiring institutions to buy thousands of copies of his book.”

The difference between Bachmann the other Republican bestsellers is that her numbers aren’t based on books bought by her PAC and outside groups. Bachmann’s sales numbers also didn’t include Wal-Mart, but considering the fact that she is a high profile House Republican, and a presidential candidate, these sales numbers are horrible. 1,500 copies a week despite a media blitz, and book signings is almost mind boggling. Bachmann had to be trying not to sell books.

Bachmann’s bomb is more evidence of the fact that the only way most conservatives can sell books is if they cheat the system.

It seems that the only people who are buy copies of Bachmann’s book are 8 year olds who want to give her a talking to about her views on homosexuality.

Elijah’s mommy may not need fixing, but Michele Bachmann book sales are on life support.

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