Emboldened By Our Silence, GOP Tyrants Are Coming For The Children

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Despots are the most despised people in any nation, and history is littered with remnants of once-great societies that fell victim to evil tyrants who persecuted entire populations for profits and twisted ideology. For the past thirty years, Americans have suffered from conservatives who put the interests of a small group of wealthy elites over the entire population, and in 2011, it is safe to say that Republicans are tyrants for assailing 99% of the population. Last week, the front-runner for the Republican nomination for president suggested forcing poor school children to work at schools mopping floors and called child labor laws stupid. Other Republicans have proposed eliminating the federal minimum wage and labor laws to enrich corporations’ bottom line. Many Americans are astounded that Republicans feel confident in their blatant attacks on every segment of the population and are asking; how did we get to this point? The answer is simple, but most Americans are unlikely to appreciate the reason the GOP feels emboldened to wage war on 99% of the American population.

For decades, Republicans assailed the poor and minorities with impunity and although there were, and still are, some decent Americans who spoke out about the injustice perpetrated by Republicans, there was a stunning silence from most of America; most of America that claims Christianity as their religion.

Tyrants are bullies, and like all bullies, Republicans escalated their assault during the Bush administration to include the elderly by proposing a Social Security privatization scam that jeopardized every working American’s retirement they paid into their entire working lives. The Republicans were confident that since they were successful assaulting the poor and minorities without objection by the American people, they could expand their attacks on the nation’s elderly because they knew no-one would mount a campaign to stop their tyranny.

In 2009-2010, Republicans expanded their assault to include the infirm by rebelling against efforts by President Obama and most Democrats to give every American access to affordable health care. Republicans and the Koch brothers’ tea party convinced more than half of the country that health care was a privilege reserved for those who could afford expensive premiums, and except for a minority of Americans, the GOP has been relatively successful in pursuing a repeal of the Affordable Health Act. The Republicans are still promising to repeal the health law because there are very few Americans willing to speak out against the inhumanity of letting American citizens perish and suffer debilitating maladies.

The tyrants in the Republican ranks are emboldened because when they attacked the poor, minorities, senior citizens, and sick Americans, no-one spoke out against their savage assaults. Without substantial and sustained opposition to their Draconian agenda, Republicans moved forward to assail women and gays after their 2010 midterm victories, and why shouldn’t they? It was apparent that the American people were never going to stand up to Republican atrocities against their other poor, sick, elderly victims, so they attacked women and gays with wild approval from the majority of Americans who claim Christianity as their guiding principles. The American people are just as culpable as vile Republicans for remaining silent as long as their well-being and middle-class lifestyles remained safe; then came the direct assault on the middle class.

The union busting, voter suppression, anti-worker tactics of Republicans has engendered opposition to conservative policies and gave rise to the Occupy movement that is finally standing up to three decades of Republican tyranny. The deplorable situation Americans find themselves in would never have gotten this far if Americans stood up to Republican policies that favor the wealthy. For the past three years, one man has had the courage to speak out against Republican inequities and for his valiant efforts, he has been labeled a Socialist, Communist, Nazi, and any other demeaning label the Republican propaganda machine could devise. On Tuesday, President Obama made a stand for the people, and if the good American people (an oxymoron) had banded together and spoke out against Republican policies put in play during Reagan’s presidency, this country may have avoided the economic disaster the Bush-Republicans caused with unnecessary wars, tax cuts for the wealthy, and deregulation frenzy.

Now, after assailing the poor, minorities, elderly, women, gays, and the middle class, Republicans are going after our children. These vile Republican tyrants have nothing but contempt for the American people because they have been allowed carte blanche to assail the least among us; their assault on 99% of the country should be no surprise. When they attacked minorities, no-one spoke out. When they attacked the poor and elderly, no-one spoke out. When they attacked the sick, women, and gays, no-one lifted a finger in objection. Now that their assault has included the middle class, the Occupy movement said enough, and it is about time.

Republicans know no bounds in assailing the American people and it is refreshing to see the populist opposition to Republican tyranny. However, it is shameful that it took an assault on the middle class to provoke the brilliant uprising against corporate greed and conservative policies that created the income inequality destroying American democracy. If this country manages to survive Republicans’ thirty year economic and social tyranny, it will be because the people finally found some courage and spoke out. It is tragic though, that Americans let Republicans get this far and if anyone thinks the GOP will stop at attacking the sick, elderly, poor, women, minorities, gays, middle class, and now our children, then they should be silent and prepare to be assaulted. This country’s last line of defense against Republican tyranny is the people’s voices and votes, and now that the President has articulated what good Americans should have said thirty years ago, there is no reason anyone should remain silent.


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