Ron Paul’s Stealth Constitution Party Politics

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Whose Values?

It can be said that every politician has a motivating reason for running for office whether Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Tea Party, Independent, Green Party, etc. Those reasons can be the draw for attention and notoriety, after all we treat our politicians like pseudo-celebrities which is a magnet for those with narcissistic tendencies. (By the way – they are not celebrities but rather that forgotten label – “public servants”). Some actually, really, truly believe that they are going to get into politics to “do good.”  I have actually known some of these folks on both sides of the aisle, albeit they come few and far between. And some…like Ron Paul…are in it to insert their own personal beliefs into a process that enables them to legislate those beliefs into the Rule of Law.

God knows! Paul is not alone in this quest. We have but to look at the morphing that has taken place over the past 30 years in particular where the “Grand Ol’ Party” has now become “God’s Own Party” to see how this has become the platform for conservative politics in America today. If you don’t pass muster with the vast number of growing political Christian organizations you can kiss the nomination good-bye! They have power in numbers and are extremely well-funded.

Let’s look at the ever-changing frontrunners in the GOP 2012 cast of characters running for president. Romney (Mormon); Newt Gingrich (newly converted Catholic); Paul (Christian Reconstructionist); Bachmann (Political Christian); Perry (Political Christian); Pawlenty (Political Christian) – and the list goes on from thereto include past names we have all come to know such as Huckabee and Palin. When I say Political Christian I am talking about people who truly believe that it is their mandate to lead us all into a world where our lives are dictated by their view of Dominionist Christianity – whether we agree with them or not.

As of today, the polls are telling us that the top three GOPers right now in Iowa and South Carolina are Gingrich, Romney and Paul – and in that order.

Romney has a tough challenge – he is Mormon.

Newt is a Catholic, but Dominionist Christians judge Catholics with the same light of disapproval as they do mainstream Christians, Jews, Muslims, Pagans and Atheists. To make this clearer, if you are not their kind of Christian, you are “the wrong kind of Christian.” So unless there is absolutely no other conservative candidate left standing but Mitt, his Mormonism will keep him from becoming the nominee.

Newt has calculated his new conversion to happen within a carefully plotted timeline. His third wife (& former mistress) is Catholic which is speculated to be his reason for choosing the Catholic religion. There are actually Dominionist Catholics so this can be stretched to work for him with the Political Christian base in America. As long as he will abide by their legislative dictates such as legislating homosexuality into non-existence; criminalizing abortion even if a woman has a miscarriage; deporting all of those heathen immigrants and provoking the Second Coming of Christ, they are telling us that they can get down with Newt. After all, he converted and repented.

Dominionist Endorsed

And as for Mr. Paul - have you noticed that we hear little to nothing about Paul’s religious beliefs? Nothing about his racist politics and remarks. Nothing about his position against women and their right to control their own bodies or his anti-gay rhetoric. This is by design. Other than the generic self-identifying proclamation that he is Christian, he has nothing much to say about his faith. Political Christians know about his faith but they abhor his liberal leanings and Libertarian politics. But how much do they know about one of Paul’s long time supporters and former staffer, Gary North (please scroll down and read the titles of North’s books including titles such as “Inheritance and Dominion: An Economic Commentary on Deuteronomy”)? Gary North, who is the son-in-law of the late R.J. Rushdoony, wrote this endorsement of Ron Paul in 2008 and worked as a staffer for Ron Paul. This is no small detail.

He is adept at promoting a schizophrenic political agenda that has pulled in supporters from the uber-conservative religious right to ultra liberals, with a mix of Libertarians and Tea Party States’ Rights supporters and all the crossover of anti-government voters. Wow!

Paul endorsed a Constitution Party candidate in 2008, Chuck Baldwin who worked for Jerry Falwell and then appeared on CNN with Ralph Nader. This guy is all over the place and the support he is getting today in this pseudo GOP bid by Paul for president reflects that. What is important to be aware of is that like so many others who usurp legitimacy by finding cover under the skirts of what was the Eisenhower Republican Party, few of these candidates are actually – Republican. Ron Paul is not a Libertarian. He is, in fact, a Constitution Party politician.

The Constitution Party is positioning itself for a presidential run and numerous faux Republicans are planning to run from that platform in the future, but for now they have to use an existing Party and the GOP is “it.” This Party is organized, well-funded and determined. When Paul loses this primary run, look for him to run as a CP candidate before the 2012 election year ends. Of course he may meet competition if Sarah Palin is eyeing the same course of action in late spring or early summer 2012.

There are many stealth candidates – but don’t take your eye off the ball. We really must understand the roots of these candidates and what motivates them and it is dangerous when we do not pick up on their “sleight-of-hand” rhetoric. What is he really? A Libertarian? A Liberal? A Republican? A Political Christian? A Tea Party leader? I guess it depends on the audience…but I can assure you that this R.J. Rushdoony follower is at minimum – an extreme Dominionist and a true CP candidate.

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