Occupy Wall Street Builds New Online Library That Can’t Be Destroyed

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Occupy Education Library

Proving that you can’t keep a good idea down, Jesse LaGreca introduces the new online library for Occupy Wall Street; one that can not be destroyed by the book burning freedom-stealers.

In response to Bloomberg’s assault on books, reported by Jason Easley for PoliticusUSA, Occupiers have come up with a library that can’t be destroyed:

Occupy educated is about collaborating and sharing information in order to have informed citizens.

Occupy Educated wrote:

This is an emergency response to the destruction of the library at Occupy Wall Street, a clear attempt to destroy the education of passionate people who are tired of living in a deeply flawed system.

Razing libraries and burning books has historically failed every time; thiis will be the most colossal failure to repress education in history, because this time, the education will not be centralized.

Just as the library was a collection of donated books, OccupyEducated.org is a place where you can have your say as to what books are important reading for understanding the occupation.

As Jason reported at the time:

The OWS library people who have been to the garage where their property was supposedly being safely stored are reporting that it looks like the Mayor’s office lied about the status of their property. According to the Occupy Wall Street Library, “There are only about 25 boxes of books; many of the books are destroyed. Laptops here but destroyed. Can’t find tent or shelves.” Another report, “Many books destroyed. Most equipment -and structures missing. . . most of library is missing (ALL of the reference section btw), damaged or destroyed.”

From the Occupy Wall Street Library blog, “One of our librarians Zach came up with a partial list of what was taken (see below) and it’s looking like only a few boxes of books and our (destroyed) laptops and one chair were at Sanitation. Our people on the ground report that “A lot is destroyed . . . more may (or may not) be coming out of their giant trashpile at back of building.” But it’s obvious to me that by recklessly throwing the contents of the park into dumpsters, the NYPD and DSNY working under Bloomberg’s orders destroyed what we built. And that their claim that the library was “safely stored” was a lie.”

Among the unaccounted for library possessions are:

– Between 2,000 and 4,000 books (we’ll know if it looks right when we see it ), this includes five boxes of “Reference” materials many of which were autographed by the authors;
– 5 (4?) laptop computers;
– Our wifi device;
– Archival materials (I was starting to collect some stuff in the library);
– 7 (or so) chairs;
– a wooden dinner table (that was our’s right?);
– periodicals/newspapers/zines (not counted in our book total);
– our awesome tent;

It’s always a mistake to destroy books; books are a symbol of our freedoms and rights. The destruction of books has a dark history, and represents a particularly egregious form of censorship. I’m sure Bloomberg won’t appreciate the comparison, but a rather infamous book burning took place on May 10, 1933 by the Nazi regime, when right-wing students marched “against the un-German spirit” before burning 25,000 volumes of “un-German” books.

While I am not suggesting that Bloomberg’s actions against OWS are similar to the horrific abuses perpetrated by the Nazi regime, I am suggesting that attempts to suppress and censor ideas are never a good sign, and that the appearance of such is never good publicity.

As an occupier’s sign reads in the video, “Historically, the good guys were not the ones throwing away books.”

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