Keith Olbermann Tears ‘Fascist Bastard’ Scott Walker A New One

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On his Worst Persons segment, Keith Olbermann called Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker a “fascist bastard” for suppressing the vote of citizens of his state under the guise of fighting voter fraud.

Here is the video from Current:

Olbermann told the story of 84 year old Ruthelle Frank who won’t be able to vote for the first time since 1948 due to Scott Walker’s voter ID law. Olbermann said, “So even though Miss Frank has a certificate of baptism and her Social Security card, she cannot get one of those new state issued IDs that was foisted on Wisconsin by that fascist bastard Scott Walker, and the criminal gang put in control of the state by the blood money of the Kochs. The register of deeds in Wisconsin does have a record of her birth, but her maiden name was misspelled by the doctor in 1927. So to get an actual birth certificate so she can her Walker approved identity papers, she has to petition the court to get the mistake made in 1927 corrected in 2011. Total cost could easily exceed two hundred dollars. To prevent the almost non-existent crime of voting when you’re not supposed to, two hundred dollars to get an ID for a woman who has voted in every election since 1948. And before you say well, that’s asinine, but that’s just one woman, one study estimates that there are 177,399 residents 65 and older who don’t not have state ID in Wisconsin alone.”

Fascism doesn’t quite begin to describe what Republicans like Walker are doing. Disenfranchisement and voter suppression are also good descriptions. It isn’t that the GOP doesn’t want the elderly to vote. The elderly are caught in the crossfire of a tactic that is designed to disqualify from the electorate certain demographic groups that are more likely to support the Democratic Party. This law is targeted at poor people, African-Americans, and Hispanics.

For low income voters whether they are senior citizens or otherwise the time and expense involved in getting a voter ID can be significant barriers to voting. Even if the ID is cheap, requiring people who can’t afford or get time off of work to go sign up for the ID at a location that is usually only open during weekday working hours presents a barrier to voting. Senior citizens and lower income people often don’t have IDs because they don’t drive, so on top of having to find the time to get to the DMV, these potential voters also have to find a way to get there.

Republicans like Scott Walker are willing to sacrifice a few innocent older voters who may vote Republican if it means reducing the size, scope, and color of the electorate. A smaller electorate improves the odds for the GOP. Voter ID laws literally deny Americans their right to vote. They are a multiple level suppression tactic that are intended to do nothing more than to help Republicans win elections.

They are undemocratic, un-American, and just plain wrong.

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