Donald Trump Pulls a Palin While Unveiling His Child Labor ‘Apprenti’

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Le Pretentious Pretender

Listening to Donald Trump touting his poor people don’t work nuttiness is enraging!

No, it wasn’t his coddling up to Newt’s smug, specious assumption that poor people don’t like to work and only spending some time with a man who is still searching for the President’s birth certificate could fix them. It was the following, as heard on the Ed Show last night, “We’re going to be picking 10, young, wonderful children, and we’re going to make them ‘apprenti.'”

What? I shot up straight. What did he just say? Did he say “apprenti”? Unbelieving, I reached for Google. Sure enough, he said it.

ABC reported:

Gingrich, who found himself in hot water last month for saying America’s child labor laws are “truly stupid,” called on Trump to create an “Apprentice”-style program for 10 inner-city New York children to teach them “work ethic.”

“We’re going to be picking 10, young, wonderful children, and we’re going to make them ‘apprenti,'” Trump said after a high-profile meeting with Gingrich on Monday. “We’re going to have a little fun with it, and I think it’s going to be something that is really going to prove results. But it was Newt’s idea, and I think it’s a great idea.”

ABC dryly quoted Trump’s “apprenti” without comment, but this is precisely the sort of thing they should be commenting on, unless we’ve all given up on demanding a modicum of intelligence from these clowns. It’s not as if “apprentice” is a word unfamiliar to The Donald.

The Donald thinks that apprenti is the plural of apprentice, which rules out the French singular apprenti (uh-pron-tee) . This suggests that he thinks the noun apprentice is spelled “apprentus” and is thus a Latin second declension noun, which in plural would be “apprenti.”

The word apprentice is rooted in Middle English and Anglo-French. The ending “ice” is not a Latin noun ending. Stretching out across the vast nude landscape that is The Donald’s head, I find on the other side the Latin verb apprendere, which in no way makes the noun apprentus.

The plural for apprentice is apprentices. And given that I heard The Donald say the “i” with the Latin pronunciation, he can’t pretend he meant the French version, but even that would have been incorrect as he was searching for the plural of apprentice. (Let this serve as a warning to those Trumpians who will surely flock to defend him in the coming days, parsing out the pronunciation and meaning until they get the word changed to suit the ignorance of their Chosen One.)

The Donald, in an act of reckless linguistic folly, tried to make apprentice plural by using the Latin plural ending of “i” for the masculine nominative declension of the noun. He may have thought adding a Latin ending would make him sound smart. He was wrong.

Perhaps he heard someone discussing uteri and assumed the plural of all words that sounded like they ended in “us” was “i” among the intellectual elite. Of course, apprentice doesn’t sound like it ends in “us” because, well, it doesn’t.

Think Sarah Palin and Paul Revere ringing those bells and shooting those guns.

The Donald, a repeat pretender for the GOP crown, can add being profoundly stupid while being smug to his resume now. We always knew he was nouveau riche tacky, but now we can add pretentious fool to the list, because of course, he made this mistake while joining Newt Gingrich in looking down on the work ethic of poor children.

Apparently, poor kids know a lot more about working than The Donald knows about linguistics and the English language. The Donald isn’t fit to show poor children how to work because obviously he is too lazy to learn English.

Perhaps in Donald’s world of glaringly tacky gold columns passing for class, they add an “i” at the end of every word ending in a “s” sound. And so long as he stays out of our yard, that’s fine, but when he starts moderating Republican debates and talking about the President’s birth certificate, he makes his utter lack of knowledge and class germane.

Is there no end to this pain?

The Donald demonstrates yet again just what a nut house the modern day Republican Party is. The party of intellectual grown ups? Cover your face in shame, George Will.

This is right up there with Sarah Palin incorrectly attributing some modern sentimental tripe to “Plato.” They say it doesn’t matter that they’re wrong because it doesn’t mean anything. Then they cite the President saying there were 57 states; it’s all they have. They fail to comprehend that the real kicker is that these mistakes are made while the person is acting as if they were superior to others and that without people to correct them, they would not know that they were wrong. The cherry is their obstinate claim that it doesn’t matter and that we are only picking on them because they are conservatives.

We pick on them because they are pompous fools utterly lacking in compassion who have incorrectly elevated themselves due to their own blind self-aggrandizement as belonging among the great thinkers of our country. Hence, their stumbles only serve to shine light on the fact that they do not belong, have not done the work that would entitle their opinion to be worthy of being repeated on the nightly news let alone thinking themselves capable of leading the free world. And yes, one could be a great thinker and get a word wrong, but one can not be a paranoid purveyor of smut, use pretending to run for the office of the President as a way to enrich themselves, dog whistle their way into the news cycle while looking down on poor children and get a word wrong and still be a great thinker.

But, truth be known, in the world of the modern day Republican Party, it’s not a concern if a potential leader of the free world is unable to discern what sounds like something Plato would have written and what doesn’t. Why would we expect them to have any grasp of political philosophy just because they claim to be a ….politician.

The reason this is all so insulting is summed up by Plato, “The human race will have no respite from evils until those who are really philosophers acquire political power or until, through some divine dispensation, those who rule and have political authority in the cities become real philosophers.”

While The Donald puts on airs of the intellectual elite, he is a buffoon of the highest order who should be nowhere near political power; a philosopher king he is not.

I am forced to ask again why Donald Trump refused to learn the English language well enough to know the spelling of a word he sees every day, as it’s only the name of the TV show he stars in. Is he too lazy, too entitled? Is it because he’s rich and therefore has a rotten work ethic?

Too bad The Donald is too ignorant to get the joke: He was actually being superior, assuming he could teach poor children about work ethics, as he pretended to be a person who would know when to use “i” as the plural of certain words, thereby demonstrating his own laziness and utter lack of interest in learning the English language.

And Newt calls child labor laws “stupid”?

The Donald obviously hails from Sarah Palin land, where if you put an “le” in front of anything you can make it super cool. To that end, I don The Donald L’Pretentious Aprenti Pretender and le shouti, “You’re fired!”

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