WND Wants You to Pray for a Bachmann Miracle

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Sometimes Joseph Farah likes to blame his stable of writers for the nonsense appearing on World Net Daily (WND), but when it’s something he himself writes there is no escape.  The other day, Farah did just that under the heading of “wnd commentary” (which sounds like “WND says” to me), asking everyone to pray for a “Michele miracle” – for a Michele Bachmann nomination. It’s a reasonable request on at least one level: Bachmann will need a miracle to pull out a nomination.

But the question is, why would anyone want this deceitful, mentally disturbed wannabe messiah as president in the first place? Well, Farah has his reasons and he lays them out for us. It seems like a stretch to me, but see what you think.

Farah begins by eliminating the alternatives; he doesn’t want Cain. Cain, he says, has character issues:

Herman Cain, a fresh face showed promise and raised the hopes of tea-party activists around the country with a strong popular showing. But, whether he knows it or not, his moral character and honesty has been questioned one too many times by one too many women for him to continue a serious bid for the presidency.

As it turns out, Cain has just dropped out so Farah can relax on this one. The character issues were real and they caught up to this lecher.

How about Mitt Romney, the GOP’s most mentally stable candidate (if you don’t hold strapping the family dog to the roof of the car against him, that is)? He doesn’t like Romney because Romney (believe it or not) is too much like Obama (apparently the dog thing is not objectionable):

Of the three, Romney poses the greatest danger to the Republican Party and the future of the nation…Romney is not what the doctor ordered. He doesn’t have the prescription we need now…Don’t be fooled by his impressive conservative rhetoric in 2011…If Romney wins in 2012, he will institutionalize the very worst aspects of Obamaism – dooming all hope for America’s recovery. We’ll deserve what we get, too, for lacking any discernment.

Perry, surprisingly, won’t do either. You’d have thought, given WND’s writing and readership, that Perry would have been a favorite:

Perry doesn’t seem to be fooling nearly as many Republicans as the others. But, no, he does not have the right stuff, in case you had any doubts. Between gaffes, what he says sounds good. He’s got a decent economic plan. He wants to drill for oil. He hates the U.N. and the State Department and foreign aid. All good.

I think Farah lost me at “decent economic plan” but what really seems to stick in his craw is Perry being too nice to the children of illegal immigrants:

But it’s all disingenuous. He claims to be a fighter for a secure border, but, as governor of Texas, he helps create a magnet for more illegal immigration by extending in-state tuition to them.

Farah says, “I looked under the hood on this one a long time ago. I didn’t like what I found.” Me neither, Mr. Farah, but because I don’t like the Black Death doesn’t mean I like the Ebola virus!

What about Gingrich you say? Gingrich he dismisses as arrogant and proud and soft on immigration and global warming. Rick Santorum and Ron Paul, he points out, have no chance to win.

That leaves you with Bachmann. But what about her character issues?

According to Farah, it’s okay for Bachmann to take money from the government while denouncing the government – hypocrisy isn’t a crime according to Republican political theology. It’s even okay for the Bachmanns – husband and wife – to lie about their anti-gay activities. Dishonesty is also not a crime according to Republican political theology:

She’s the real deal, folks. She’s 100 percent. She’s gaffe-proof. She’s smarter than Newt, but doesn’t brag about it half as much. She’s honest. She’s sincere. And she really believes in what she says.

The real deal. Gaffe-proof. Right. Because the American Revolution did begin in New Hampshire, right Mr. Farah? Remember when Bachmann had this to say to a New Hampshire crowd?

“You’re the state where the shot was heard around the world in Lexington and Concord. And you put a marker in the ground and paid with the blood of your ancestors the very first price that had to be paid to make this the most magnificent nation that has ever arisen in the annals of man in 5,000 years of recorded history.”

I don’t know why that’s not a gaffe in Joseph Farah’s book. I mean, that’s a genuine Sarah Palin moment right there. I see no evidence that she is smarter than Newt (though Newt definitely thinks he’s smarter than he is) and she is as dishonest as they come. All in all, I don’t know what Farah sees in Bachmann, why he thinks she is superior to any of the other Republican candidates: they’ve all sold their souls to the corporations; they all hate the government but want government money; they all grovel at the altar of the 1%.

If, as Farah claims, she really believes what she says, that’s not a selling point. The last thing we need right now is a genuine religious fanatic in the White House. The Christian Right assures us that George W. Bush was a phony fundamentalist yet the United States came closer to theocracy during his term that at any other point in our Nation’s history. We had a genuine close call.

We won’t be so lucky again.

All of which puts Joseph Farah, like Bachmann, square in theocracy’s – not the U.S. Constitution’s – corner. Of course, God couldn’t get the price of gasoline back down to a buck a gallon so we don’t have much to worry about in the prayer department. Chances are, he will do what Palin asked, and do the right thing for America, by giving Barack Obama another term.




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