Obama Sets Out To Liberate America From The Tea Party’s Reign of Terror

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While on MSNBC today,Obama adviser David Axelrod said an Obama victory in 2012 would liberate the GOP and by extension America from the tea party’s reign of terror.

Here’s the video from MSNBC:

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Chuck Todd asked, “How do you reassure and maybe this is simply an issue here on the New York/Washington set, but how do you make the case in a second Obama term we’re not going to see more of this gridlock, this polarizing, this partisanship. What’s the Obama case for breaking the log jam?”

Obama senior adviser, David Axelrod answered, “Look, I think the way that we’re going to break the log jam is when the president wins re-election. I believe there are a lot of good Republicans out there who at this moment are sort of running for a cover because a reign of terror within the Republican Party that if you cooperate and if you stray from the sort of Grover Norquist line that you’ll be punished for that. I think when the president wins re-election, a lot of these Republicans will come out and they’ll blink in the sunlight and realize it is a new day and turn to those folks and say, you know what, we did it your way and it didn’t work. Obstruction is not a strategy that the American people are going to anticipate. So, I think the answer is, let’s win this election and then we’ll move forward. I think we’ll move forward in a positive way.”

As Mitch McConnell and other Republicans stated, their goal is to make Obama a one term president. If Obama wins reelection, and that goal is taken away, it is likely that there will be some shift within the GOP towards more compromise. However, I don’t think that will only be Obama getting reelected that triggers an end to the obstruction. If Democrats gain control of the House or many of the tea party freshmen lose, a shift in GOP strategy is a likely outcome.

Axelrod made it clear that just as Harry Truman did in 1948, at least part of Obama’s reelection strategy is to run against Congress. It was Truman’s campaign that made the term do nothing Congress popular, and Obama will likely focus on the say no to everything Congress that he has been forced to try to work with.

A side by side comparison of the tea party agenda on Social Security, Medicare, jobs, the economy, and taxing the wealthy reveals that the far right is out of step with the values of most Americans. A radical faction has paralyzed our government, and it is up to President Obama to make the case against them.

David Axelrod spoke about liberating Republicans from the tea party’s reign of terror, but that message also applies to all Americans. If Obama’s campaign is successful, he will not only win reelection. He will also liberate all of America from the grasp of the radical tea party fringe.

By pandering to the tea party, the Republican presidential candidates are playing into the Obama campaign’s hands. They are helping Obama define his strategy for the General Election. Axelrod’s theory is that once the Republicans are liberated from the tea party, the American people will also be liberated.

Once again, it looks like President Obama is going to have to step in and clean up yet another Republican mess.

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