Michele Bachmann Gaga Parody ‘Not Born That Way’

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For your late night snack, I bring you a delish parody with a bit of Gaga. The parody is of a Christian Tea Party hater of the gay who is currently running for the Presidential nomination of her Grand Old Party. I know, you thought THAT was the joke, but no:

It’s crazy eyes Michele Bachmann, “Not Born That Way”.

From “Vote for me if you think Sarah Palin is too cerebral” to “Don’t be a gay, get therapy.. Don’t be a gay, get therapy” this parody is right up there with the Hockey Mama for Obama in 2008. Bravo, Noël and team.

So tell us, Michele, were you born this way?

Credits for the Gaga Bachmann parody:

Written by: Noël Wells
Additional writing by: Steven Baranowski

Produced by: Milana Vayntrub
Directed by: Michael Kortlander
Cinematography by: John Veleta
Choreographed by: Ben Wolff
Editing and VFX by: Wes Cronk
Additional Editing by: Noël Wells
AD: Patrick Muhlberger

Instrumentals by: Jamal Holt – http://www.youtube.com/user/Jamalholtofficial
Mixed by: M Janet Mars – http://facebook.com/mjanetmars

Performed by: Noël Wells, Paul Benton, David Kerns, Espie Randolph, Brent Butler, Benji Keepers, and Logan Strobel.

Special thanks to the crew and support including David T. Jones, Molly Green, James Leffler, Jared Bauer, Chris Westlund, Andrew Poland, Mark Evans
and Jonny Look.

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