Fox News Martyrs Tim Tebow With Claims of Anti-Christian Media Bias

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Fox News claimed today that the press is anti-Christian and Tim Tebow is being victimized by anti-Christian media bias.

Here is the video from Media Matters:

While talking about Tim Tebow and the media on Fox News Watch, Kristen Powers of The Daily Beast said, “The criticism won’t diminish because there is such an anti-Christian sentiment in the media. I don’t think it’s anti-religious because if he was Muslim it would probably be a problem, and the thing that’s the most troubling to me besides the fact that’s its bigotry is that the majority of this country is actually Christian, and a third of it is actually evangelical Christian, which is what Tim Tebow is. So why is he not allowed to express his faith? It’s just a strange criticism.”

The idea that the media is anti-Christian is laughable, but it is also widely held among the religious right. Christian conservatives like every other strain of conservatism really do believe that the liberal media is out to get them.

This is a convenient crutch to shield them from the reality that the American mainstream media is overtly pro- Christian, because the majority of the individuals in the media are Christians.

The media has bent over backwards to portray Tebow in the best possible light, because they are terrified of the howls of the Evangelicals. The sports media has avoided Tebow’s faith like the plague because they also do not want to incur the wrath of the Evangelicals, and they don’t want their sports discussions to get sidetracked into religion.

While Tebow is free to display his faith any way he wants as private citizen, if football fans want religion, they can watch The 700 Club. Some fans just want to watch a football game.

Tim Tebow also gets criticized because at this stage of his development, he is not a good quarterback. Tebow is a fine athlete who is succeeding based on athleticism and an offensive system that is a gimmick. Many fans are turned off on Tebow because they feel that the worship of him is irrational and unjustified.

Fox News is martyring Tim Tebow and making it sound like any criticism of his play is an attack on his faith. They are trying to bully the critics of Tebow into silence. The idea that the media is not pro-Christian enough is a threat to free speech. If criticism of Tim Tebow is off limits because of his faith, then what’s next?

There is no evidence of anti-Christian mainstream media bias, but Fox News provided plenty of evidence today pro-Christian media bullying is alive and well.

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