Sarah Palin Coaches Herman Cain On How To Play The Victim

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Sarah Palin recently turned up on Fox News and attempted to coach Herman Cain on how to play victim and in typical Palin fashion she attacked Cain’s mistress.

Video from Fox News:


HANNITY: All right. I hope you were just listening to Herman Cain. There’s a bigger issue in play here because long before the issue of sexual harassment and this most recent charge came up, he was being called all sorts of names, and the media seems to just be willing to do this and go along with this.

You have experienced this as a conservative woman. Why is — why do we live now at a time of political correctness, yet if you’re a conservative, you’re a woman, you’re an African-American conservative, you can say anything you want, nobody seems to care?

PALIN: Yes, isn’t that something? Well, we need to not be afraid of being accused of being racist just because we call out, for instance, Obama and his socialist policies, and his associations and his past record that prove that he would seek to fundamentally transform America.

We cannot be afraid of what the name calling will do to us. But yes, you’re spot on when you talk about the hypocrisy and the double standards in the media.

You know in regard to Herman Cain and what he is going through, I’ll tell you, Sean, in many voters’ book, including mine, character counts. And if Herman Cain did not engage in this recent 13-year affair, no screwing around on his wife and giving money to some broad on the side unbeknownst to his wife, well, then, if he did not do this, then the false accuser is really despicable and we shouldn’t have to put up with that kind of false accusation that results in somebody’s character being so besmirched and really ruined.


PALIN: If he did do it, though, Sean, if he did it, if he engaged in this recent affair and is misleading the public, then, you know, like they say, boys will be boys, but they shouldn’t run the country. And it’s going to be refreshing when facts come out on this so that people can make up their mind, make their own judgment on this, and then we can move on and start talking about the issues that really matter.

Sarah Palin is the queen of playing the victim, and her advice to Herman Cain in finest garbled Palinese is to blame the victim and the media. Sarah Palin is the guiding light for the Republican mantra that it is always someone else’s fault. Palin also showed the true face of conservative feminism when she called Cain’s mistress a broad.

Notice how Palin tried to have it both ways though. Sean Hannity tried to get her to blame the media for all of Cain’s problems, but she did her best to play it both ways and cover her backside with her little character counts aside. It is interesting that character may count but when a conservative candidate is accused of sexual harassment and having a 13 year affair, it falls into the category of boys will be boys.

Anthony Weiner had some phone sex and sent out some racy pics, and Palin called him impotent and said that he should have resigned sooner. Herman Cain has done things that were much worse than anything Weiner did, but yet Palin refused to tell Herb to get out of the race.

Cain has been taking pages from Palin’s playbook from the very beginning. When the news of the sexual harassment allegations broke, Cain blamed the media. As the allegations mounted, he blamed the victims. Now that the mistress has come forward, he is blaming some vast conspiracy to pay off these women to smear his campaign.

Sarah Palin tried to coach Cain up on playing the victim in the most non-committal way possible. Palin’s refusal to jump on Hannity’s Cain Train and blame the media was the biggest sign yet that she thinks he is guilty.

Sarah Palin tried, but not even the queen of self-martyrdom can save Herman Cain.

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