Herman Cain Thinks Dark Forces Have Paid Women Off To Destroy His Campaign

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Herman Cain now believes that all women who have made accusations against him are being paid off as part of a vast conspiracy to destroy his campaign.

Here is the video (Warning: RWNJ video source):

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Cain said, “Let me add this one point, Sean, this one last point. We don’t have the source yet, but I and many of my associates, and many of my people are convinced that in every case it was financially motivated that somebody somewhere is paying them off to try and smear my character in order to slow me down. ”

Hannity asked Cain who he thought was responsible, and Cain answered, “Sean, I have no idea. I’m just saying if you look at the circumstance, especially of the lady that Gloria Allred represented, and if you look at this situation both have very similar circumstances that suggest dire financial strait. So we don’t have any evidence yet, but I assure you we will get to the bottom of it.”

Somebody somewhere is paying off women to destroy Herman Cain’s presidential campaign. Herb doesn’t know who it is, but he is certain that it is happening and he will get to the bottom of it. Oh, and he might quit the race for the GOP nomination by the end of the week anyway, because that’s what all innocent people do when they are accused of something.

Cain tried to spin the story to make himself the victim of women who were in dire financial need, but there is another way of looking at this. It could also be that a rich man was using his power and financial means to sexually harass his co-workers and carry on an affair with a mistress. In this scenario Herman Cain is the predator, not the victim.

Herman Cain’s conspiracy theory about shadowy forces being out to get him makes no sense for one simple reason. Two of the women who accused him of sexual harassment received settlements from the National Restaurant Association years before Herman Cain ever ran for president. Cain was trying to rally the troops by going the Glenn Beck route and floating an “us against them” conspiracy theory. Cain knows his audience and understood that getting this zany defiance of logic and facts to take root is his last best shot at saving his campaign.

The same arrogance that led Herman Cain into this mess by committing sexual harassment and having affairs is also blinding him to the fact that it’s over. Herman Cain’s ego and selfishness ended his chance of winning the Republican nomination. There was no vast conspiracy out to “get” Herman Cain. He was never a serious contender. Cain’s popularity was as the anti-Romney protest vote. Herman Cain thinks more of himself than the rest of the country does.

It is interesting that the party that has labeled itself the party of personal responsibility features people like Herman Cain who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. Cain has blamed everyone and everything else, but himself. There is always an excuse. He is always the victim, and his situations are always the fault of others.

When examined in this context, Herman Cain is the perfect candidate for the party of no family values, and no personal responsibility.

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