Keith Olbermann Suggests OWS Tents Become Christmas Villages

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On Countdown tonight, Keith Olbermann observed that OWS tents are called a fire hazard, but add a few decorations to the same tents and you have a Christmas Village and no fire hazard.

Here is the video:

While doing the daily rundown of Occupy arrests Olbermann read a statement from Boston Fire Marshall Bart Shea who said, “People need to be removed from that site immediately if the court allows. Every day that place is occupied, I fear for the life and safety of everyone on that property.” The Countdown host brilliantly observed, “This is new national meme. You can block traffic in any city with smelly tents and booths as long as you call it a Christmas Village, and you accept Visa and Mastercard. The authorities magically fear no fire then.”

Behind Olbermann’s accurate observation about the arbitrary way in which the fire codes are applied in cities around the country, and how these rules suddenly apply to every Occupy Wall Street gathering was a great idea. Why can’t Occupy protests become Christmas villages? What is stopping them from putting a few lights, wreaths, Santas, selling a few Occupy appropriate holiday items and celebrating both the season and protesting the corruption, greed, and ills of our current system?

Imagine if you could both support Occupy and make sure that your Christmas dollars don’t end up in the hands of someone with the last name of Walton or Koch. You could deprive the one percent of thing that they need most, your money. See, that’s the dirty little secret of the one percent. Without your money, they wouldn’t be able to make money. Without us, they wouldn’t be the one percent.

There isn’t a mayor in America who wants their local news filled with images of Santa being arrested and Baby Jesus being thrown in the dumpster. What would Fox News do if the crackdowns that they were praising were striking a blow against Christmas?

Occupy Wall Street should force fire marshals to enforce all of the rules for everyone. If the Occupy tents are a fire hazard, then so are the Christmas villages.

Santa is definitely a member of the 99%. For Pete’s sake, the man gives away everything he makes which is very un-one percent behavior.

Christmas is the holiday of the 99%, so let’s embrace the spirit of the season and Occupy Christmas.

Image: Global Post

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