Tell Congress No To Killing Our Social Programs: Sign The New Deal Pledge

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The conservatives in Congress have sold out America by signing a pledge to Grover Norquist. This pledge has systematically devastated this country’s finances. Let’s take a look back at thirty years ago when the conservatives won for the first time in almost a generation.

Conservatives knew back in the 1970s that demolishing programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment and welfare would be political suicide. So they needed to create a problem or even worse a crisis. The crisis they created was debt. When Reagan came into office they slashed taxes and INCREASED spending. They didn’t increase spending domestically. They increased it in the military because it would be politically advantageous to do this during the tail end of the Cold War. If liberals opposed this, well, that would be political suicide.

The problem was that the conservatives didn’t want to pay for anything that they spent money on. This was by design. They told us decreased taxes would increase revenue, and we bought it. Nobody LIKES paying taxes but it is the cost of running programs we enjoy. Sort of like paying your electric, cable or telephone bill. Nobody likes to see the bill in the mail, but we pay for a service.

So the conservatives slashed taxes becoming a “Santa Clause,” like the Democrats have been since the 1930s when they created Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, unemployment benefits etc. People like lower taxes, just like we all like a lower electric bill.

Now the bill has come due. The conservatives increased spending. The Democrats went along with this because of where it was appropriated, the military. Now we have a debt problem, and the conservatives will not raise taxes to pay for their past spending binges. It is time for them to cut the New Deal into pieces, just as they wanted to all along, except this time they have an excuse. They call it for the “good of the country.”

The American people will not tolerate our social programs to be eliminated or privatized. We want to raise taxes on the wealthy and decrease the military budget.

Tell Congress protect the New Deal and stop balancing the nation’s debt on our shoulders. After their policies have driven out our good paying jobs, we don’t have the money to give them.

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